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Thomas Cook planes parked in England's Manchester Airport.

12 notable airlines have gone out of business in the last 14 months — here’s the full list

Fuel costs, increasing competition from low-cost carriers, and political uncertainty have all contributed to recent airline bankruptcies.

Meet Scandinavia’s ‘King of Hotels,’ a 57-year-old daredevil who spends his billions rappelling down the facades of his own hotels a...

Petter Stordalen got his start selling strawberries at age 12. Now, his multifaceted investment corporation is named Strawberry.
Thomas Cook was once one of the oldest and most respected travel firms in the world.

Thomas Cook bankruptcy: How the iconic travel brand went from transporting anti-liquor protesters in the 1800s to collapsing and stranding 600,000 pas...

Thomas Cook, the British budget travel brand, stranded 600,000 people when it went bankrupt. Here's a look at the company's history.
Passengers are seen at Thomas Cook check-in points at Mallorca Airport after the world's oldest travel firm collapsed, in Palma de Mallorca on 23rd September.

Passengers share vacation disasters from the Thomas Cook collapse, including a ruined $41,000 wedding and ‘being held hostage’ by angry st...

Passengers affected by the Thomas Cook closure shared stories of financial loss, canceled weddings, and being "held hostage" by a hotel in Tunisia.
Thomas Cook planes parked in England's Manchester Airport on Monday, September 23 2019, after the airline collapsed.

Rival airlines are hiking prices by as much as 400% after Thomas Cook collapsed

Passengers say they saw flight price increases from airlines like Jet2, British Airways, TUI, and Ryanair. Operators say it is just economics.
Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008, ushering in the Great Recession.

Thomas Cook’s failure has left half a million people stranded abroad. Here are 9 of the worst company collapses in history.

Thomas Cook's bankruptcy — which stranded 600,000 passengers and ruined travel plans — is just one example of disastrous company collapses.
Guo Guangchang, chairman of Fosun International attends a news conference in Shanghai March 20, 2015.

The ‘Warren Buffett of China’ could lose $1.5 billion in Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy

Guo Guangchang, founder and chairman of Fosun International, had a $1.5 billion stake in Thomas Cook before the travel group's collapse on Monday.
A Thomas Cook plane.

A Thomas Cook flight attendant says she only learned that the company collapsed and she lost her job on Facebook

Thomas Cook, the travel group and airline, filed for bankruptcy early on Monday morning, leaving 600,000 people stranded around the world.
Thomas Cook customer says that this piece of paper is the only communication he has had from the company.

Stranded Thomas Cook customers say a single piece of paper taped to their hotel’s reception is the only contact they’ve had from the colla...

The document taped to the reception desk of a hotel in Turkey refers euphemistically to the collapse of Thomas Cook as "recent news."

Hedge funds could reap as much as $250 million from the collapse of British tour operator Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook filed for bankruptcy last week after a group of creditors demanded the company find an additional $250 million in funding.