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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple took nearly 30 years to hit a value of $190 billion. It lost that much in little more than 5 weeks.

Apple's market cap dropped by $190 billion in little more than five weeks, and it lost its $1 trillion valuation on Monday.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Here’s everything Apple announced at its big iPad and Mac event

Apple held a big event in Brooklyn, New York, on Tuesday to unveil new iPads, new Mac computers, and more.

Tim Cook is worth $625 million and leads a $1 trillion company — but he reportedly buys discounted underwear and wants to give his money away af...

Apple CEO Tim Cook's net worth is estimated to be $625.37 million — mostly from Apple stock options.
Cook wakes up incredibly early.

A look inside the daily routine of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who wakes up before dawn and gets up to 800 emails a day

Apple CEO Tim Cook is an immensely private leader in tech. The self-proclaimed "workaholic" runs the first US company to hit a $1 trillion valuation.

Business Insider is hiring a paid fellow in London to write about tech

As a fellow, you can expect to be covering the world's biggest companies (think Apple, Google, and Facebook), the hottest startups, and the latest gadgets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at popularity of new lower cost iPhone XR in China

Apple is adjusting its strategy in China where it faces fierce competition from local brands.
Apple CEO Tim Cook at the European Union's privacy conference in Brussels.

A former Facebook executive called out Apple CEO Tim Cook’s hypocrisy over privacy

Former Facebook security boss Alex Stamos criticised Tim Cook's hypocrisy after the Apple CEO launched a blistering attack on firms that flout user privacy.
Apple CEO Tim Cook brandishes an iPhone at an EU ethics conference in Brussels.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned that the ‘dangers are profound’ if AI falls into the wrong hands

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned against big tech companies infringing on people's privacy to develop artificial intelligence.
Apple CEO Tim Cook at the European Union's privacy conference in Brussels.

Tim Cook mounted his most stinging attack yet on firms like Facebook that hoard ‘industrial’ quantities of data

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said the stockpiling of personal data amounted to surveillance and should make us 'very uncomfortable.'