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Erich Stelzer.

The family of a fitness YouTuber who authorities say stabbed his Tinder date before dying in police custody tried to get the bodybuilder help before t...

An attorney for Erich Stelzer’s family said the fitness YouTuber had been experiencing delusions, erratic behavior, and extreme paranoia.
Erich Stelzer was a popular fitness YouTuber.

A fitness YouTuber died after police said they found him attacking his Tinder date with a knife and subdued him with stun guns

Erich Stelzer, 25, died on Thursday in Cohasset, Massachusetts, after police received a call about a disturbance and found him assaulting a woman.

The 10 Android apps that made the most money worldwide in 2018

Social networking apps were some of the highest-grossing apps on Android phones in 2018, but not the ones you may expect.
Travis McAdams.

A 21-year-old man has been charged with raping an 11-year-old girl he met on Tinder

Travis McAdams of Greendale, Indiana, has been charged with raping and molesting an 11-year-old girl whom he reportedly met on Tinder.
Rosette Pambakian

Tinder fired its VP of communications and a ‘number’ of other employees who participated in a $2 billion lawsuit against the dating app...

Tinder has fired its VP communications, Rosette Pambakian, and a "number" of other employees who filed a $2 billion lawsuit against the company.

The 10 highest-grossing iPhone apps in the world in 2018

Half of the top-grossing apps for 2018 came from companies based in China.

‘You have no reason to say no. You are ON A DATING SITE’: Woman shares harassing messages man on Tinder sent her after she swiped left on ...

Julia, a woman from Ontario, said a man on Tinder on whom she'd swiped left tracked her down on Instagram after to complain about the rejection.
Mandy Ginsberg, Match Group CEO.

IGNITION 2018: Hear from Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg on the $12 billion online dating market that she’s tasked with defending from Facebook and Bum...

Hear from Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg at IGNITION as she discusses critical threats and opportunities in the immense online dating market.
Jen Winston is using Tinder Plus to canvass in swing states.

A woman is using Tinder Plus to canvass for Democratic candidates in swing states

Jen Winston, who runs the feminism-focused Instagram Girl Power Supply, is using the app to speak to people in Georgia, and Arizona about voting.