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This home is the most sought-after.

The 21 most popular tiny homes on Airbnb

From a treehouse in Puerto Rico to a cottage in France, here are some of the most popular tiny rentals on Airbnb.
An abandoned two-bedroom home that's being sold for one euro.

A town in Italy is selling abandoned homes for $1. Here’s what the properties look like.

Mussomeli, a town of 11,000, is selling homes for a euro. The town has ancient churches, Byzantine caves, and a medieval castle.
Gangi is selling homes for a single euro.

Italy’s abandoned villages plan to save themselves from ruin by selling homes for $1 or less

Villages across Italy are selling abandoned properties for 1 euro or less.
A tiny home village in Denver, Colorado.

A major Silicon Valley city is putting homeless people in tiny home villages

The project is one of many proposed solutions to San Jose's housing shortage.

This $55,000 floating tiny home can be assembled in one day

Koda Light Float is built to last 50 years and be easily transported from one location to the next.
How much does a tiny house cost?

Some people choose tiny houses to save money, but they might not always be the bargain you’d expect

A tiny house costs less than the median US home — but in some ways, it's actually more expensive. Are tiny houses worth the cost?
Allswell is Walmart's first digitally native brand.

Walmart’s new mattress brand built a $100,000 tiny home that you can buy. Take a look inside.

Allswell, Walmart's online mattress-and-bedding brand, unveiled a tiny-home model in New York City.

This 70-square-foot tiny home can be built for just $10,000

A Czech Republic-based design firm released a tiny home called the "Magenta" that can be built for just $10,000.

Microapartments are dying in one of the world’s most expensive cities, and it could be part of a troubling trend for owners

Microapartments were once extraordinarily popular in Hong Kong, but a recent dip in housing prices could signal their decline.
Your next vacation calls for a tiny home.

9 of the coolest tiny homes around the world to rent on your next vacation

You don't have to live in a tiny house to see what all the fuss is about — we rounded up the coolest tiny homes to rent for your next vacation.