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Brooks Koepka left a jaw-dropping tip on a haircut before his course-record round at the PGA Championship

Brooks Koepka gave a massive tip to his barber ahead of his first round at the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black.
Matt Kuchar and El Tucan during his win at the Mayakoba Golf Classic.

Matt Kuchar backpedals in caddie-tipping controversy and will pay $50,000 after widespread criticism

Matt Kuchar issued an apology to caddie David 'El Tucan' Ortiz for stiffing him after winning the Mayakoba Classic in November.
Frontier Airlines.

A US budget airline is asking passengers to tip flight attendants when they serve refreshments

US carrier Frontier Airlines has started asking passengers to tip their cabin crew via a mobile tablet.
Figuring out how much to tip during the holidays can be stressful.

How much to tip during the holidays, from your babysitter to the mail carrier

Figuring out how much to tip can be tricky, especially during the holidays. Here's how much you should be tipping during the season of giving.
It's polite to tip during the holiday seas The question is how much?

How much you should tip your doorman, hairdresser, nanny, and delivery person during the holidays

If there is someone who does regular, recurring work for you, it's polite to give them a gift or tip at the end of the year.
It turns out, most people do tip their barista.

Should you tip at coffee shops? It turns out, most people do

INSIDER conducted a survey asking people if they tip the barista at coffee shops. Here's what they had to say.

I’ve been writing about math for 5 years, and I’m convinced there’s only one good way to calculate a tip

Most jurisdictions charge a sales tax, which can take a lot of the work out of estimating 15%, 20%, or 25% of a bill.
Cheerleading is just one thing you won't find outside the United States.

I’ve been to 25 countries, and there are 16 things you’ll almost never find outside the US

Many things that are common in the United States are nearly impossible to find in other countries. They include food items like peanut butter or Southern-style biscuits, as well as common items like mailboxes and red Solo cups.

One in 10 millennials refuses to leave a tip when dining out, survey says

One in 10 millennials routinely do not leave any tip when dining out, according to a new survey. Many factors play into how much people are willing to tip on average, with women, older people, and married people tending to tip more.