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Stay at a luxury hotel without having to spend a fortune.

21 things you should do the next time you book a hotel if you want to score the best deals

Anything from booking your room at a certain time to joining loyalty programs can bring the total cost of your hotel stay down.
Leanne and Steve Ford have a ton of design advice.

12 easy ways to take your home design to the next level, according to HGTV’s Leanne and Steve Ford

The hosts of HGTV's "Restored by the Fords" revealed how you can remodel your house without too much effort or money.
Drivers have been expected to meet minimum ratings to keep working on the platform. Now, riders will be expected to do the same.

Only 1% of passengers always tip their Uber drivers, a new study of 40 million rides found

New research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found only 16% of Uber rides are tipped, codifying a common complaint of drivers.
You must break the rules to get rich, according to Nathan Latka. Latka not pictured.

A 29-year-old self-made millionaire who earns $100,000 a month in passive income says there are 4 rules he created to get rich

To build wealth, you must break the rules, says Nathan Larka in "How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital." Here's what you should do instead.
Getting a manicure.

A manicurist reveals the 7 biggest mistakes you’re making with your nails

INSIDER spoke with a nail expert about the biggest mistakes she sees on a regular basis — and what people should be doing instead.
The scene on one of the Tour de France's most iconic climbs, Alpe d'Huez.

Heading to the Tour de France? Go to the mountains, eat local, and stay clear of the riders.

Three weeks long, colorful, and fast, it's called the world's greatest race for a reason ... and then there's all that delicious food and drink.
Tipping on DoorDash does not necessarily work the way you would expect.

This chart shows why your DoorDash delivery worker isn’t getting the tip you leave

Tips contribute to the "guaranteed minimum" payment the company offers delivery workers, rather than representing additional pay.
Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor are the co-founders of Good Dye Young.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams reveals her secrets to making hair dyeing at home a breeze

Williams, 30, revealed to INSIDER that she has been dyeing her hair ever since Paramore first formed when she was just 15 years old.
Grilling the perfect burger is an art form.

12 mistakes you’re making when you’re grilling burgers

We spoke with several professional chefs about the most common mistakes people make when grilling burgers.
Lisa Lippman has sold over $1 billion in real estate over the past four years.

An NYC broker who has sold over $1 billion of luxury real estate in the past 4 years and works 16-hour days says she uses 3 simple tricks to stay orga...

Lisa Lippman represents multimillion-dollar clients around Manhattan. She counts on her time management skills to get through the workday.