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Gorgeous women, Vladimir Putin, and fluffy buzzwords: 6 clues the blockchain project you’re thinking about investing in is a scam

"Sometimes they'll use models to make fake LinkedIn accounts. When you go to check out who's involved in the company, you'll see photos of all of these beautiful people."

This woman made a business out of hooking up cryptocurrency holders with yachts and $4 million cars — now she’s launching a currency named...

Elizabeth White trades cryptocurrencies in for luxury cars. Now, she's launching a "stable coin" to facilitate even bigger deals.

A man died while climbing Mount Everest in a cryptocurrency publicity stunt gone horribly wrong

ASKfm tasked a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the mission of climbing Mount Everest as part of a publicity stunt. But one man never made it down the mountain.
Basis co-founder and CEO Nader Al-Naji

3 Princeton grads just got $133 million from Silicon Valley’s hottest investors for a cryptocurrency that could actually replace money

The cryptocurrency startup Basis has captured the attention of investors like Andreessen Horowitz, GV, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.
Dragonchain was first developed at Disney's tech-focused Seattle office. Disney made the protocol open-source in 2016.

Disney built a blockchain, and now its creators are trying to turn it into a commercial platform to compete with Ethereum

The Bitcoin blockchain may have the most lucrative currency, but Dragonchain Inc. wants to have the most business-friendly platform.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is killing its famous tokens

Chuck E. Cheese's is ditching its iconic tokens. Instead, customers will track their Chuck E. Cheese's earnings on rewards cards.