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A visitor looks at early flowering Kanzakura cherry blossoms in full bloom at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden in Tokyo, Japan March 14, 2018.

A Japanese park attendant let 160,000 foreign tourists in for free because he was too scared to charge them the entrance fee

A park attendant at Tokyo's Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was reportedly too scared to ask foreign visitors for payment.
The Ningen Restaurant serves a hamburger (not pictured) like the one Gary Mark Gilmore requested as a part of his last meal before execution.

A restaurant in Tokyo is serving the last meals of famous death row inmates

A new pop-up restaurant that has opened in Tokyo serves the last meals requested by death row inmates before they were executed.

These 10 cities are basically #wellness goals — with the world’s best gyms, longest vacations, and slimmest people

Believe it or not, Kuala Lumpur has the lowest density of fast food outlets to people among the world's major cities.

These will be the world’s biggest cities in 2030

Globally, more people live in urban areas than rural areas today. Over the next two decades, many of the world's cities will transform into megacities, according to the 2018 United Nations' World Urbanization Prospects.

The Sega Genesis is back — behold, the Sega Genesis Mini

Sega is making a tiny version of its classic Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console, and it's set to come out this year.

Amazing images of Tokyo before it was a city

The Japanese capital wasn't always the bustling metropolis it is today. Here are images that show its journey.
The karaoke bar made New York apartments look spacious.

I had the craziest night out in Tokyo thanks to CouchSurfing — but it had nothing to do with staying with random people

CouchSurfing introduced me to locals in Tokyo and we ate, drank, and sang karaoke into the wee hours of the morning.
Ever wonder what a $1.7 million-dollar fish tastes like?

Inside the world’s biggest fish market, where a single tuna can sell for millions of dollars

The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo is renowned as the best place to get the world's freshest fish. We visited before sunrise when the market was in full swing.