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Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen put their custom-built Brookline house up for sale for $39.5 million — take a look inside

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's home includes a pool, spa, gym, guest house, yoga studio, and sits next to an historic country club.

Tom Brady forced to change helmets because of NFL rule, says it’s a difficult adjustment

Tom Brady says he's doing his best to adjust to his new helmet, but the process comes with some frustration.

Tom Brady and the Patriots are headed toward an awkward, and potentially final, chapter

Tom Brady could ask for a raise next season while the Patriots may ask him to take a pay cut, leading to a possible standoff.
Tom Brady says he has no problem with eating junk food from time to time.

Tom Brady says his diet isn’t as restrictive as people think it is, and he often eats bacon, pizza, and chocolate

New England Patriots star Tom Brady says he tries not too worry too much about his diet, and that he has no problem feasting on pizza or chocolate.

41 examples of Tom Brady’s extraordinary competitiveness

Tom Brady hates losing, loves preparation, and is super intense. Stories of broken ping pong paddles and beer-chugging contests illustrate Brady's insane competitiveness.

Tom Brady’s $70 million extension could be short-lived and allow the Patriots to ‘pull the ripcord’ in 7 months

Though Tom Brady continues to defy age, when it comes to his contracts, the Patriots have been hesitant to commit big money to him.
The Under Armour logo in a New York City store.

How Under Armour went from a new hotshot sportswear company taking on Nike to a brand with a wholly uncertain future

With shares plummeting following a drop in sales, Under Armour is in another rough patch. We traced the rise of fall of the once-dominant brand.

Tom Brady tweaked his normal training methods to add more muscle so he can take more hits this season

Tom Brady hasn't always been the biggest fan of weight-lifting, but this offseason, he wanted to add more muscle while remaining pliable.
Aaron Donald earned a 99 overall rating in "Madden NFL 19" as last year's Defensive Player of the Year.

These are the 20 best players in the NFL, according to ‘Madden 20’

The NFL season is almost underway, and 'Madden NFL 20' is offering an early ranking of the league's top players.

Tom Brady faces parenting criticism after sharing an Instagram video of him cliff-diving with his six-year-old daughter

In an Instagram video, the football star is seen jumping into the water below while holding his six-year-old daughter's hand.