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AirAsia counter-sues Malaysia Airports for RM400 million

AirAsia also criticised MAHB for being heavy-handed in filing the suit.

KLIA2 killed a massive swarm of bees after AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes tweeted a photo, says the insects were just ‘migrating’

The bees would typically disperse once there was rain or heavy wind, MAHB said.

Tony Fernandes says AirAsia will no longer collect KLIA2 fees, and wants compensation for ‘holes’ on runways

The fee is charged by the airport operator for "mandatory" facilities like aerobridges and check-in systems, AirAsia said on its website.

AirAsia X names new CEO to take over from co-founders

Fernandes and Kamarudin will become non-executive directors.

AirAsia’s new inflight e-marketplace Ourshop promises ‘365 days of shopping indulgence’ – with first partner Plaza Bali

"What used to be a 20-minute shopping experience as travellers rush to their boarding gates is now 365 days of shopping indulgence," said AirAsia Group CEO Fernandes.
Ousted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The ousted Malaysian government pressured Air Asia to cancel 120 flights to stop people voting in a historic election

Air Asia's CEO Tony Fernandes claims the airline was pressured to cancel flights carrying 26,000 extra voters to last week's election. The government was also criticized for holding the election on a Wednesday and sending postal ballots late in an attempt to suppress voter turnout.