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In September, I spent four days interviewing Tony Robbins and learning about the way he approaches life and business.

Everyone asks me what Tony Robbins is really like — and after spending 4 days with him, I can tell you

I hung out with Tony Robbins, the world's best-known life coach, and I was surprised by what I learned about him.
"To influence somebody, you have to know what already influences them," said Tony Robbins, pictured here with Lively founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant.

After nearly 40 years, Tony Robbins has boiled performance coaching down to two basic steps

Tony Robbins draws from a "tool box" of coaching techniques that can best connect with someone's personality.
Tony Robbins guided us through his morning routine, and that included a jump into a cold plunge pool after about five minutes in an extra-hot sauna.

Tony Robbins swears by starting his day with plunging into freezing cold water after an extra-hot sauna — here are the health benefits

Tony Robbins has a sauna and cold plunge in each of his seven homes. The routine has scientifically proven health benefits.
Tony Robbins, right, has worked with his personal trainer Billy Beck III for the last four years. Beck has trained professional athletes and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Tony Robbins follows a special diet he says gets him through 16-hour work days

Tony Robbins' personal trainer developed a diet that allows him to stay active through 16-hour work days.
Tony Robbins designed a morning routine to optimize his energy and productivity levels for the day.

Tony Robbins starts every morning with an ‘adrenal support cocktail,’ a ‘priming’ meditation exercise, and a workout involving...

Tony Robbins, the world's most famous life and business coach, starts off every day with an intensive morning routine.
Tony Robbins is no longer the motivational speaker you may remember from the '90s.

Tony Robbins set goals for every decade of his life when he was in high school — here’s exactly what they are

The Tony Robbins of today isn't the same as the one you remember from the '90s, and it's all part of the plan.
Tony Robbins says that regardless of the team or product, a company's success ultimately depends on its leader.

Success is only 20% skill, says Tony Robbins — here’s what makes up the rest

Tony Robbins explains what he looks for in his one-on-one business mentoring sessions.
Tony Robbins says every entrepreneur needs to be able to overcome their "threshold of control."

Tony Robbins shares 2 pieces of advice with every entrepreneur he coaches

Tony Robbins teaches every entrepreneur he coaches how to pinpoint and overcome their "threshold of control."

How Tony Robbins came from a broken household to build a $6 billion empire and coach business legends like Marc Benioff and Paul Tudor Jones

Tony Robbins built a multibillion-dollar life-coach industry and landed high-profile clients. This is how he did it.
Tony Robbins goes over what worked and what didn't immediately after all of his events, regardless of how exhausted he is.

Tony Robbins has done the same thing after every speech, meeting, or event for 40 years

Tony Robbins has his entire team regularly perform his favorite learning exercise.