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DBS’ Piyush Gupta is the only CEO from SE Asia on Harvard Business Review’s list of world’s top 100 CEOs

Gupta is also the first Singapore CEO to be featured on HBR's annual list, DBS said.
Louis Vuitton's executive team is one of the best in the business.

These European companies have the best executive teams, according to 1,900 analysts and fund managers

Institutional Investor ranked the continent's best CEOs, CFOs, and investor relations professionals across 31 industries.

Maybank named among world’s top 500 most valuable brands for the first time

The only other Malaysian company on the top 500 is Petronas.

The CEOs of Google and Apple both fell out of favor with employees this year — here’s why, according to a survey of tech workers

Glassdoor's annual 100 highest-rated CEOs report reveals Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Sundar Pichai both dropped heavily in rankings due to what employees said were problematic work cultures: Apple for its secrecy and high stress and Google for its growing corporate and bureaucratic culture.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The 28 best CEOs in Britain, according to the people who work for them

Glassdoor's list includes some huge international names, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but also a large number of bosses of smaller, less well-known companies.