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When no one showed up to 11-year-old Kade Foster's birthday party, the boy's dad posted to Twitter asking people to wish his son well, and thousands of people showed up to turn an awful moment into a special day.

An 11-year-old was devastated when no one came to his birthday party. Then Justin Trudeau, Zach Braff, and Ben Stiller made it the best day ever.

When no one showed up to 11-year-old Kade Foster's party, his father turned to Twitter. The post went viral and thousands of people made Kade's day.
Justin Trudeau and Ben Stiller wished an 11-year-old Canadian boy a happy birthday on Twitter.

Ben Stiller, Justin Trudeau and other celebrities wished a Canadian boy a happy birthday after none of his friends showed up at his party

The boy's father, Jason Foster, said his son was very "hurt" by the no-show party and tried to lift his spirits with a special Twitter call-out.

‘ALL OF TORONTO IS WITH YOU’: The Toronto Maple Leafs had a moving tribute for the victims of the van collision that killed at least 10

After observing a brief moment of silence, the crowd cheered and sang along in unison with singer Martina Ortiz-Luis for the national anthem.
James Dolan.

The 23 richest billionaire NHL franchise owners — and how they made their fortune

These are the richest men and women running the National Hockey League (NHL), the world's premier ice hockey division.

Sharks’ center Joe Thorton had a large chunk of his beard ripped out in a fight that started just 2 seconds into a game

Joe Thorton dropped gloves just two seconds into Thursday's game between the Sharks and Maple Leafs, and lost a huge chunk of his majestic beard seconds later.

A fundamental aspect of the NHL has changed and now players are all-in on a new training goal

Whereas NHL players used to focus on getting stronger in the offseason to handle the game's physicality, now they all want to get faster.

Hockey’s newest star is a 19-year-old American from Arizona who took an unusual route to the NHL

Matthews' story starts with the Winnipeg Jets and ends with his name being called by the Maple Leafs at the NHL Draft in June.

19-year-old American rookie scores four goals in his NHL debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs

His mom was in attendance, and needless to say, she was excited.