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Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam made the key plays in the Raptors' comeback win over the Pacers.

Raptors score 11 points in 100 seconds to complete miracle comeback and extend the longest winning streak in the NBA

The Raptors' 12th straight win was a white-knuckle ride in which they scored 11 strsaight points and forced three turnovers in less than two minutes.
Masai Ujiri.

The Knicks’ ‘dream’ to land Raptors president Masai Ujiri is the latest pursuit of a savior

Masai Ujiri is qualified and capable of leading the Knicks' rebuild, but it will take more than one person to turn the franchise around.

The key to the Raptors future is their $130 million forward who was studying to be a priest 10 years ago

Pascal Siakam may still be relatively new to organized basketball, compared to other players, but he's now the face of the Raptors franchise.

Activists supporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong filled the stands at a Brooklyn Nets game

The protests in Hong Kong have been escalating for nearly five months, but the NBA was pulled into the controversy earlier this month.
Masai Ujiri in the halls of Toronto Raptors HQ.

The president of the Toronto Raptors told us how he turned a losing team into 2019 NBA champions

49-year-old basketball executive Masai Ujiri told Business Insider all of the moments that led to an iconic, immortal drive to the NBA title.
Jeremy Lin is still a free agent.

Jeremy Lin broke down in tears and said it feels like the NBA has ‘kind of given up’ on him while going unsigned in free agency

Jeremy Lin said he felt as if rock bottom keeps getting lower for him, as he's unsure whether he has an NBA future.

NBA fans were baffled when they woke to the news that Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers

Kawhi Leonard made his decision in the middle of the night on Friday, leaving fans to wake up confused and disoriented in the fallout of a Woj bomb.
The Raptors would be contenders again if they kept Kawhi Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard is the last major free agent standing, and he holds the keys to the NBA

Whether Kawhi Leonard stays with the Raptors or joins the Clippers or Lakers, the NBA landscape is set to change.
The Raptors' trade for Kawhi Leonard resulted in a championship.

Some in the NBA reportedly think the Raptors are now the favorites to re-sign Kawhi Leonard, and it could fuel a rising trend in the NBA

NBA teams have taken notice of how well the Raptors' one-year gamble on Kawhi Leonard went this season.
Kawhi Leonard's best option in free agency could be signing a short deal with the Raptors.

Kawhi Leonard could sign one of the biggest contracts in NBA history if he takes a bold gamble to stay with the Toronto Raptors short term

The 2019 Finals MVP could sign a five-year $190 million contract with the Toronto Raptors, or a four-year $140 million contract with another team.