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The Golden Gate Bridge then and now.

THEN AND NOW: What 10 famous US landmarks looked like when they were first built

Many well-known US landmarks were constructed more recently than you might think. Here's what 10 of them looked like when they were first built.

13 of the most dangerous attractions around the world that tourists keep flocking to

From narrow roads on the edges of cliffs to deep cave dives, here are dangerous attractions that daring travelers flock to.
The largest ball of twine, Kansas.

Disappointing photos of roadside attractions in real life

From drab landscapes out west to massive crowds at Stonehenge, these photos show the disappointing reality of roadside attractions around the world.
Souvenir salesmen try to sell towels and blankets from a motorboat attached to my Nile River cruise ship.

A photo I took on the Nile River shows exactly how much Egypt’s struggling economy is affecting everyday people

Egypt's dire economy has forced entrepreneurial Egyptians to get creative, a phenomenon I witnessed first-hand when visiting the country last month.
I didn't take a picture of the crowds (who wants to remember that?), but this photo shows both the beauty of Mont Saint-Michel and the flood of tourists approaching.

My best travel trick for high tourist season is a no-brainer, and I’m always shocked when people don’t do it

The best trick I've found to save time on a trip seems blindingly obvious: Buy your tickets for tourist attractions online, before you go.

10 overrated tourist attractions in the US — and where to go instead

Skip the tourist traps. Here are some of the REAL best tourist attractions in the US.

This graphic shows why you shouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi in popular tourist areas

Be careful when turning your Wi-Fi on in these tourist hotspots.