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The black bear (not pictured) was estimated to have been between 2 and 3 years old.

A bear that was given food by tourists so it would pose for selfies was killed because it had become too used to humans, officials say

The bear is said to have weighed 100 pounds and was aged between 2 and 3 years old. Wildlife biologists say they were unable to relocate the animal.
Some Disney tourists get a bit too excited at the amusement parks.

Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

From a horrible YouTube stunt gone wrong to a person who dumped ashes on a ride, here are stories of tourists behaving badly at Disney Parks.
Fellow passengers can be the worst part of flying.

20 horrible things passengers have done while flying

Fellow passengers can be the worst part of flying when their behavior results in flight delays or emergency landings.

Here’s what travelers can do to stay safe in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is on a Level 2 travel advisory from the US State Department, which means travelers should exercise increased caution.

A woman says a Dominican Republic resort pushed her to sign an NDA after she became severely sick at the hotel

A New York woman who got sick at a Dominican Republic resort was offered a free massage and dinner in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement.
You might be surprised to learn that looking like a tourist can make you unsafe while traveling.

8 things you probably think make you safer when you travel that don’t

Though you might not realize it, bringing extra cash and posting about your trip on social media may not make you any safer on your travels.
Awilda Montes, said that soda (not pictured) made her quite ill.

A woman claims she vomited blood and sustained ‘chemical burns’ after drinking what she believed was soda at the same Dominican resort whe...

In less than three months, five American tourists have died in the Dominican Republic. The news reminded Awilda Montes of her recent experience.

A deer in Japan’s famous Nara Park died with 3.2kg of plastic in its stomach

The veterinarian in charge of the autopsy said that it was "unusual to see such a large amount" of garbage in the stomach of the deer.

13 of the most dangerous attractions around the world that tourists keep flocking to

From narrow roads on the edges of cliffs to deep cave dives, here are dangerous attractions that daring travelers flock to.
Justin Bieber's music video led to the destruction of a famous canyon in Iceland.

16 places around the world that are being ruined by tourism

From damaging monuments to overcrowding neighborhoods, tourists have caused some serious harm in these popular travel destinations.