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‘This is not about money, it’s about dignity’: Malaysia just named and shamed 13 countries for secretly dumping trash on it, includi...

Some social media users from the identified countries apologised, saying they did not know where their waste had gone.

China’s waste ban has turned Malaysia into the world’s dumping ground – and now Malaysia’s climate change minister wants exporting countries to ...

Malaysia wants to ship back trash to their exporting countries, but not at its own expense.

A Singaporean man is wanted by Malaysian police, while another has been charged in relation to the toxic pollution at Sungai Kim Kim

The Johor Police chief said that the Johor State Police would be working closely with the Singaporean police to locate the man.

Johor gas poisoning victims now at 2,775, but PM Mahathir says the situation is ‘under control’

The PM said that the situation was not serious enough to evacuate residents in the area.