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Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China, in November 2017.

China hits back at the Trump administration with tariffs on $75 billion worth of US products

The move came after President Donald Trump said this month he would slap tariffs on all remaining imports from China on those dates.
President Donald Trump rallies with supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire, on August 15, 2019.

Trump looked up at the sky and said ‘I am the chosen one’ while talking about his trade war with China

Trump said life would be easier if he wasn't locked in the trade war with Beijing but that someone had to take on China for unfair trade practices.

US Steel, once a darling of Trump’s tariffs, plans to lay off nearly 200 workers

The steelmaker has struggled since tariffs took effect, losing billions of dollars in market value as of last month.

Trump baselessly claims the press is trying to ‘crash the economy’

First it was the Federal Reserve. Now it’s the press. Trump wants someone to blame for recession concerns.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board warns against a tariff-fueled ‘Navarro recession’ for the second time in one week

Investors have become increasingly unnerved by slower global growth and escalating global tariff disputes.

China threatens to retaliate against the US as Trump prepares more tariffs

But both sides have expressed willingness to hold further high-level talks, staving off some concerns about the world economy.

Germany’s economy just shrank, meaning Europe’s biggest economy is ‘teetering on the edge of recession’

Europe's biggest economy contracted due to weaker exports as the US-China trade war weighed on global sentiment.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump.

Trump sent the Canadian Embassy a note joking that he hoped Trudeau wasn’t ‘the anti-Trump,’ and the Canadian ambassador reportedly ...

Trump reportedly wrote "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" in silver Sharpie on a 2017 magazine cover that called Justin Trudeau the "anti-Trump."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015.

Justin Trudeau reportedly drew a smiley face to describe the US-Canada trade surplus in a note to Trump

Trudeau reportedly circled a line from a report that showed that the US held a surplus in goods and services and drew a smiley face on the page.

Trump says September trade talks with China could be canceled

Trump also announced the US would cut ties with Huawei, which has become a bargaining chip at the center of trade negotiations.