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2020 World Economic Forum in Davos

Trump made some eyebrow-raising statements about the US economy in his big speech at Davos — here are the facts behind five bold claims

Trump made five bold claims about the US economy at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Here are the facts about them.

China tariffs could stay on even after a phase-2 trade deal, Mnuchin says

The comments came just days after President Donald Trump said that all tariffs would be removed if a phase-two deal is completed.

‘Tariffs will absolutely bankrupt our business’: US companies warn against Trump’s plans to tax wine and cheese imports

"The proposed tariffs would force the price of these wines to the point where they would be unsellable," one company told the US trade office.

A quick guide to what Trump’s 94-page trade deal with China included — and left out

The text offered for the first time the details of what will be expected in a new chapter of relations between the two largest economies.

China confirms plans to sign phase-one trade deal with US next week

The statement offered the first official confirmation that China would participate in a signing ceremony President Donald Trump announced last month.
President of France Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump talk during the family photo on the opening day of Argentina G20 Leaders' Summit in November 2018.

France vows to retaliate against latest Trump tariffs on wine and cheese

The US has separately prepared to broaden tariffs against the European Union as part of a long-running dispute over aircraft subsidies.

American businesses are warning the Trump administration against plans to tariff European wine and cheese. Here’s what they’re saying.

US businesses have overwhelmingly said in letters to the administration that the move would raise prices and put jobs at risk.

Trump says he’ll discuss a ‘Phase Two’ agreement with China after signing first deal

A signing ceremony for the phase-one deal will be held at the White House on January 15, the president tweeted Tuesday morning.

US shoppers boosted spending by the most since July last month — even as the global tariff dispute escalated

Consumers are the powerhouse of the American economy, accounting for more than two-thirds of activity.

The US government listed Black Panther’s Wakanda as an official free-trade partner

Agriculture officials added the fictional African nation and its supposed exports to test their Tariff Tracker, but neglected to remove it.