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Santa Con.

5 of the most unusual US Christmas traditions

Every country has its own Christmas traditions, but from hiding a pickle ornament to drinking egg whites, the US has some seriously unusual ones.
Not all Christmas traditions were always filled with love and cheer.

10 Christmas traditions with surprisingly dark origins

Some Christmas traditions are second-nature to many now, and may seem holly jolly, but the origins of some Christmas traditions are dark.
Decorating the Christmas tree is common tradition around the world.

The fascinating history behind 11 common Christmas traditions

Why do we kiss under mistletoe? What's up with the Christmas Pickle? These are the stories behind some of your favorite Christmas traditions.
Christmas dinner.

20 ways to make this the most festive Christmas ever

From decorating Christmas trees to sipping on hot chocolate in your pajamas, there are a slew of Christmas traditions you shouldn't miss out on.

Christmas Eve traditions in 15 different countries around the world

Take a look at how Christmas Eve traditions differ around the world, from the Feast of the Seven Fishes in Italy to eating potato salad in Germany.

The British celebrate a foiled assassination plot every year by lighting bonfires and burning an effigy named ‘Guy’ — here’s w...

Bonfire Night is a tradition that sees Brits come together every November 5 to burn an effigy and set off fireworks, and the reason dates back hundreds of years.

Groundhog Day is one big party — here’s what it’s like to experience in person

I went to Groundhog Day on a whim in 2012. This is what my adventure was like.

16 of the most dangerous traditional games played around the world

Pole-climbing and fiery field hockey are just a couple of the most dangerous games played around the world.