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These are the world’s 12 longest tunnels

From particle accelerators to bullet trains, engineers have built some impressive portals through bedrock and under bodies of water.

San Francisco’s new public trains are clean, spacious and surprisingly quiet — here’s what it’s like to ride one

Many of the Bay Area Rapid Transit trains currently in use have been around since the 1970s.
Conductor Resha Taylor directs passengers boarding Amtrak's Southwest Chief in Union Station in Chicago, Illinois.

An Amtrak train with 183 passengers on board was stuck for more than 36 hours after hitting a tree in Oregon

The 183 passengers were stuck on the train from Seattle to Los Angeles since Sunday, and one told a local news station that supplies were running low.

Walmart is quietly taking charge of its rail operations — and it could slash transportation costs as the country’s largest retailer seeks ...

Walmart is taking control of their supply chain through a pilot program in which the retailer uses name-brand freight containers designed in-house.
The originally planned route.

California just drastically cut its plan for high-speed rail — and it’s the latest example of the US failing to do what the rest of t...

Cost overruns and political hand-wringing have left Americans with antique train technology while the rest of the world progresses.
China's bullet train is a startling example of how far behind US infrastructure has become.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez included high-speed rail in her Green New Deal. After riding China’s superfast bullet train that could go from New York...

Traveling to China can feel like visiting the future. Nowhere is this feeling more apparent than on China’s high-speed railway network.
The City Hall subway station is only accessible via a special tour.

There’s an old, unused subway station underneath New York’s City Hall. Here’s what it’s like to visit.

There's no service provided to the City Hall station today, but you can catch a glimpse by riding a downtown 6 local train past its terminal stop.
A Metra train in Chicago runs along tracks that have been set on fire on Tuesday, to stop them from fracturing in the extreme cold.

It’s gotten so cold in Chicago that workers are setting the train tracks on fire to keep them from fracturing

Metal contracts in the cold, which can cause the train tracks to unbolt or break. Heating them up allows the steel to expand so it can be repaired.
Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.)

Step aboard the little-known subway line below Capitol Hill that lawmakers use to get around

While mostly frequented by lawmakers, the trains are for anyone to ride as long as they are cleared to enter the Capitol.

People are slamming New York’s governor for taking over 2 years to come up with a plan to avoid shutting down one of NYC’s busiest subway ...

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that New York City will not shut down the L train subway tunnel for 15 months.