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Trucking is an $800 billion industry.

One of the hottest trucking startups is trying to make America’s 1.8 million truck drivers’ lives a lot better with freight ‘persona...

Online marketplaces are pretty good at recommending the exact sort of products you want. But that hasn't shown up in trucking until recently.
Transfix is based in Midtown Manhattan.

Some describe the forecasted $54 billion digital freight marketplace industry as the ‘Uber for trucking’ — but the leaders of one of...

Transfix leaders say this easy explanation for digital freight-brokerage doesn't explain how the technology should really be used.
Andrea Blankmeyer, chief financial officer for Transfix.

A 31-year-old startup CFO who dropped out of Harvard Business School halfway through explains how she knew leaving was the right choice

Andrea Blankmeyer, the 31-year-old CFO for the startup Transfix, attended Harvard Business School for just one year of the two-year MBA program.
Transfix CEO Drew McElroy.

The US has a major truck driver shortage — but the co-founder of a trucking startup that’s attracted $80 million in funding says there are...

The truck driver shortage has led headlines in the logistics space. Transfix CEO Drew McElroy said it isn't the only thing dragging the industry down.
This trucking company is in the middle of Manhattan.

Trucking companies are usually based in the Midwest, but this startup is right in the middle of Manhattan — and the founder says there’s a...

Transfix, an app for truck drivers to connect with shippers, is based in New York City. That's unusual for most trucking companies.

The 19 hottest New York City startups to watch

These startups hail from a range of industries and are poised to do big things in 2018.