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5 ways to support transgender men and non-binary people during pregnancy

Dr. Cecile Ferrando, director of the Transgender Medicine & Surgery Program at Cleveland Clinic, told us how people can support trans people.
The largest ever study of transgender children found that there are no developmental differences between transgender children who are able to live as the gender they are and non-trans kids.

Transgender kids aren’t just ‘going through a phase’ and develop like their non-trans peers, researchers say

The largest study of transgender kids to date suggests kids as young as 3 aren't "too young" to live as the gender they identify as.
Jaydee Dolinar told NBC News that she was forced to remove her makeup with hand sanitizer at a Salt Lake City DMV last Wednesday.

A transgender woman says she was forced to remove her makeup with hand sanitizer for a DMV photo

Jaydee Dolinar told Glamour that a DMV worker handed her hand sanitizer and said she wouldn't be granted a new photo ID unless she removed her makeup.

How to use Lex, a queer dating app with no profile photos or cisgender men

Based on personal ads in the newspaper, Lex is a queer dating app that is entirely text-based. No cis men are allowed.
Seth and his family.

A trans dad underwent $30,000 worth of fertility treatments to have a baby. He says his insurance company refused to pay.

Seth wanted to have children. Because he is transgender, he had to undergo IVF treatments to do so — but he said his insurance refused to pay.

‘End the fiasco’: After viral video, woman in Syed Saddiq’s office clarifies she’s a mum with two kids

Syed Saddiq has clarified that the woman in peach was neither his assistant, nor a transvestite.
Rachel McKinnon and Donald Trump Jr.

A transgender cyclist defended her world-title win after Donald Trump Jr. called it ‘BS’

The Canadian rider Rachel McKinnon, a transgender woman, has been competing in women's events since 2016.
Police have not ruled the attack a hate crime, but friends of Jones say that while he didn't identify as transgender, he often dressed in women's clothes.

A brutal assault on Jacksonville man has rattled the local LGBTQ community, causing some to advocate carrying guns

Demetrick Jones, of Jacksonville, Florida, was beaten, bound, and dragged naked for two blocks last month.

The US Supreme Court just sent a strong signal it wants to hear a case on transgender bathroom rights

The justices believe they will eventually be asked whether it is constitutional for authorities to control which bathrooms trans people can use.
Laverne Cox attends the 2019 Emmys on Sunday.

Laverne Cox’s rainbow clutch at the Emmys was turned into a protest sign outside the Supreme Court

Cox made a political statement at the Emmys with a custom clutch that had the words "Oct 8, Title VII, Supreme Court" emblazoned on the front.