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Emails show Trump team asked the Pentagon about military vehicles for inauguration, despite aide’s denial

The Pentagon released emails confirming that the Trump transition team asked for photos of military vehicles, despite an aide's denial that they had done so.

Here’s who’s in the running to replace Preet Bharara, the ‘Sheriff of Wall Street’

Two frontrunners have emerged as Trump considers who will replace Preet Bharara, the 'Sheriff of Wall Street.'

Steve Bannon torches the press, says it should be ‘humiliated’ and ‘keep its mouth shut’

Donald Trump's top adviser went on an extended tirade against the independent press during a rare interview.

Trump’s national security pick had her book pulled by publisher over plagiarism allegations

A number of passages from Crowley's book seem to have been lifted from news articles, columns, think tanks, and Wikipedia.

Trump’s approval rating is the lowest of any incoming president in nearly 25 years

The president-elect has the worst transition approval rating of any president in the past quarter-century.