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Elon Musk showing YouTuber Marques Browne around the Gigafactory.

A Tesla analyst who just toured the electric-car maker’s California and Nevada factories reveals what he saw

Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, told Markets Insider what he saw at Tesla's factories and why he's doubling down on his bull thesis.

13 horrible things passengers have done while flying

First-time flyers, superstitious travelers, and passengers who are simply at their wit's end have caused flight delays, diversions, and cancellations.
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon.

Goldman Sachs job cuts — How to pitch VCs — Walmart’s trucking ambitions

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Tesla shares.

Tesla’s stock doesn’t trade like it used to

Tesla shares have begun trading differently over the last year or so, one Wall Street analyst said on Friday.
Tesla shares.

Tesla sinks after analysts were underwhelmed by the long-awaited Model Y unveiling

Tesla shares fell Friday after the electric-car maker unveiled its long-awaited Model Y SUV. Wall Street's reaction was tepid.
Musk reveals the Model Y.

Wall Street is warning Tesla’s new SUV could ‘cannibalize’ its Model 3. Here’s what analysts are saying about the Model Y.

Wall Street analysts weighed in on Tesla's Model Y unveiling, and what it means for the electric automaker.
It's the debt, Elon.

Tesla is in ‘demand hell’ ahead of its Model Y unveiling, Wall Street’s biggest bear says

Ahead of Tesla's Model Y unveiling on Thursday, the biggest Tesla bear on Wall Street says the electric automaker is mired in "demand hell."

Elon Musk said a Tesla car would be able to drive itself across the country by the end of 2017 — but it’s 2019, and that still hasn’...

Musk said he now expects Tesla cars will be able to operate without any driver intervention by the end of 2020.

Elon Musk wants to build a high-speed tunnel underneath Las Vegas, and it sounds like it’s going to actually happen

Elon Musk's tunnel would be ready in time for the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021.