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Instagram has started testing "like" removal on posts by users in the US.

From taking the pressure off ‘glamorous’ photos of their trips to a new focus on comments, here’s how travel influencers feel a...

What does Instagram look like without likes? It looks good, according to 5 Instagram travel influencers who spoke to Business Insider.
Jolie King and Mark Firkin in April 2018.

Iran detained 2 travel influencers who were traveling the country trying to ‘break the stigma’ around it with posts on YouTube and Instagr...

Jolie King and Mark Firkin were arrested in July near Tehran, accused of flying a drone without a license, the Iranian diaspora Manoto TV reported.
Kody Workman and Kelly Castille of Positravelty.

An Instagram travel couple say the ‘stupid beyond belief’ photo of them hanging off a cliff was ‘not dangerous’

Followers condemned the pair for "encouraging others to risk their life," but the couple told Insider they simply "like to play with perspective."
An Instagram couple are asking the public to fund their tandem bike trip to Africa.

An Instagram travel couple is being criticized for asking their followers to fundraise $11,000 so they can go on vacation

Most people have responded to the couple's plea to fund their accommodation, food, and internet access in the same vein: "GET A JOB!!!"
Camille and Jean of @Backpackdiariez received mixed responses for this photo taken in Sri Lanka.

An Instagram travel couple who were criticized for taking a photo hanging out of a moving train say the image was an ‘optical illusion’

The couple told INSIDER that the photo was taken to make it look more dangerous that it was, as there was actually a wider bridge below.