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Even the restaurants have Danish names in Solvang, California.

12 places to go in North America that look like they could be in Europe

If a trip to Europe isn't in the cards, there are multiple destinations within North America that look like they were transplanted from overseas.
Plain and simple, this is the best carry-on bag I've ever found.

I travel all the time — here are the 10 things I never get on a plane without

My life includes frequent travel and my job includes exposure to dozens of gadgets. Here are the 10 I never leave home without.
Some homes are overly lavish.

The most wildly extravagant homes people built around the world

From a $250 million mansion in Los Angeles to a Versailles-inspired palace in Florida, these are some of the most overly extravagant homes.
The passenger said she was on a plane (not pictured) headed from Paris, France, to Los Angeles, California.

An Air France passenger says a flight attendant offered to move her seat and ‘just shrugged’ when a man took off his pants mid-air

Air France passenger Lizzie Thompson took to Twitter after she said that a man sitting across from her removed his pants and socks during a flight.

Trump quietly created a new national park when he signed a spending bill that partially funded a border wall

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is now a national park. Members of Congress and the National Parks Service have been fighting for the name change since 1916.
The Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria is one such project.

21 photos of the most bizarre real estate projects around the world that were left in ruins

From a UFO-shaped resort to a community of 300 mini castles, these are the most bizarre real estate projects that were never opened to the public.
Traveling solo isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

I traveled alone and it was one of the worst decisions of my life

After quitting her job to travel the world for a year, Jamie Bradley returned home after six weeks. Solo travel was simply too lonely.

Sunday is now the best day to buy plane tickets, say airline ticketing experts – this is how early to book for the best price

Forget what you've heard: Sunday is now the best day of the week to book plane tickets.
Don't waste money paying foreign transaction fees on your checking account.

I’m a frequent traveler, and opening the right checking account saved me $1,413 last year

Opening a checking account with no foreign transaction fees saved me nearly $1,500 last year. Here's how to do it.
Which is the real Eiffel Tower and which is the Chinese knockoff?

China created cities that are replicas of Europe’s most popular destinations. Can you guess which photo was taken where?

China has built replicas of famous European cities, like Venice, Amsterdam, and Paris — do you know Europe well enough to spot the knockoff?