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In Morocco, it's common to see large groups of goats sitting in argan trees.

Morocco’s famous ‘goat trees’ are a hit with tourists, but there’s evidence that they could be staged

For some, a trip to Morocco isn't complete without seeing the country's tree-dwelling goats. But one environmentalist believes it's staged.
Americans traveling abroad are often recognizable.

12 mistakes Americans make when traveling abroad that out them as tourists

A Reddit thread asked people who are not from the US to share tell-tale signs that tourists are from America aside from their accents.
Brittany and Danny Capote's wedding on the Disney Wonder cruise ship in February 2019.

This photographer’s shots of Disney Cruise weddings prove that they are the most magical way to get married

Jess Collins has been photographing weddings professionally since 2011, but shooting weddings on Disney cruises is her favorite.
Marie Fe and Jake Snow demonstrate how much editing can change a photo.

An Instagram travel couple with nearly 500,000 followers shared what their photos look like before and after editing

Marie Fe and Jake Snow told INSIDER exactly what goes into creating their beautiful, romantic images.
You can stay with these friendly alpacas for $74 a night.

You can stay on a working alpaca ranch in California for $74 a night

The room listed on Airbnb is located on the Capaldi Ranch, which is a working alpaca and almond ranch in Paso Robles, California.

The giant (fake) potato that you can rent on Airbnb for $200 a night has a surprisingly chic decor — here’s what it’s like inside

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel in Boise has enough space to fit a queen bed, bathroom, and cozy lounge area.
Many ships have accessible rooms for those who use wheelchairs.

5 of the best cruises for accessible travel

From Disney Cruise Lines to Princess Cruises, here are some cruise lines that accommodate people with disabilities.
Instead of navigating around the anaconda, some drivers decided to help the snake to safety.

Bystanders teamed up to help a giant 10-foot-long snake cross the road in Brazil

When drivers on a Brazilian highway came across a giant snake on their commutes, some decided to help the snake cross safely.
Sebastian Modak hunts for ice caves on Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada.

One man’s dream job is taking him to 52 places around the world in a single year for the trip of a lifetime

Speaking to INSIDER, Sebastian Modak said he feels "incredulous" and "grateful" for the opportunity to travel the world for The New York Times.
Beautiful views on Railay Beach, Thailand that I was lucky enough to experience.

8 unexpected travel essentials I brought on my post-graduation trip around the world

I packed everything in a relatively small backpacking pack, so I had to be pretty calculated with my packing list. Here are my essentials.