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This gesture is offensive in some cultures.

5 everyday hand gestures that can get you in serious trouble outside the US

Sometimes, making what you think is an innocent gesture in one country can land you in hot water somewhere else.
Once a working class suburb, Fitzroy in Melbourne is now an "artistic haven."

The 25 coolest neighborhoods on the planet in 2018

Time Out's editors and city experts have compiled a list of the 50 coolest neighborhoods around the world after surveying 15,000 people globally.

The best place to sit on a plane if you want to get a good night’s sleep

Getting some shut-eye on planes is a common goal, but it is never that easy. We talked to an expert to see which plane seat is best.
You'll have plenty of pools to choose from at The Resort Villa.

Millions of tourists flock to Bangkok every year, and now a resort 2 hours outside the city has been named the world’s ‘best private villa...

The Resort Villa in Rayong, Thailand, has been recognized as the world's best private villa by the Boutique Hotel Awards. Take a look inside.
Castle vacation rental demand is increasing, according to HomeAway.

14 of the coolest castles you can rent for vacation around the world, from the Italian countryside to the outskirts of Los Angeles

You don't have to be royalty to vacation like them. We teamed up with HomeAway to find the best castles to rent for your next vacation.

The 30 rudest cities in America, where manners are basically a foreign concept

INSIDER compiled a list of the cities that are most frequently regarded as the least friendly cities in the US.

27 great gifts for travelers — from $400 custom Bose headphones to $16 TSA-compliant cocktail kits

From luggage and backpacks to plane-friendly workwear and headphones, this gift guide has the perfect travel gifts for any road warrior.
Tina from Kenya.

An airport employee has spent almost a year photographing people from all over the world, and the results are stunning

Istanbul-based photographer Mustafa Çankaya takes being curious about others to a new level with his project "100 Faces 100 Countries."

14 things you never knew about airplane black boxes, one of the most important things on your flight

Black boxes play a key role in finding out why plane crashes happened and INSIDER found out some interesting facts about how they work.
Santorini, Greece may be less crowded during winter months.

13 underrated warm-weather destinations for the holidays

Here are some unique warm-weather places to visit during the holiday season if you want to enjoy gorgeous weather without dealing with the crowds.