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Millions of people wanted to know how to buy Bitcoin in 2018.

10 burning questions Americans asked Google in 2018

Google measured this year's most trending topics that started with the words "How to," reflecting all the things Americans needed help with this year.

The 10 top-trending actors on Google in 2017 were largely notable for reasons other than acting

From a royal engagement to allegations of sexual misconduct, Google's top-trending actors weren't all particularly notable for acting.

Since getting rid of human editors, Facebook has repeatedly surfaced fake news

Facebook is having trouble distinguishing real news from hoaxes — and the problem isn't getting any better.

Facebook changed its trending news section last week, and it’s way less useful now

Facebook altered its Trending Topics section last week. Unfortunately, the new change makes this section of Facebook much less useful than it used to be.

Facebook is still figuring out how to detect fake news stories

A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider the fake story about Megyn Kelly initially met the company's conditions for promotion in the Trending section.

Facebook reportedly fired a team involved in news stories — with an hour’s notice

Facebook has let go of the team that wrote descriptions of Trending Topics.

After accusations of suppressing conservative news, Facebook has added political bias training

Facebook's Trending Topics section was accused of being biased against conservatives. Today, rules have changed and the company is even introducing political bias training.