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Josh Morgerman giving an update on Hurricane Dorian from the Abacos Islands on his Twitter page on Sunday.

‘The force of a thousand sledgehammers’: A storm chaser trapped in the Bahamas during Dorian described the ‘most intense’ hurr...

Followers feared for Josh Morgerman's safety after he didn't post on Twitter for more than two days while he sheltered from Hurricane Dorian.
A photo taken from inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian.

Eerie photo captures the eye of Hurricane Dorian, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in history

Hurricane hunters are following Hurricane Dorian as it leaves a trail of destruction across northern parts of the Bahamas.
Tropical Storm Dorian is pictured off the coast of Venezuela.

28 photos show how people in the Caribbean braced for Dorian as the hurricane heads for Florida

Hurricane Dorian is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean. Photos show the damage in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands as Florida prepares.
Hurricane Irma barreling toward the eastern Caribbean in 2017.

Hurricane categories tell only part of the story — here’s the real damage storms like Dorian can do

Hurricane Irma could have been called a "Category 6" storm because its wind speeds were so high, even though that's not an official classification.
A map showing the atmospheric intensity of Tropical Storm Dorian on Wednesday.

Tropical Storm Dorian is expected to morph into a hurricane and make landfall in Florida on Labor Day, bringing heavy rain, flooding, and winds of up ...

Eastern Florida could get 8 inches of rain that may "cause life-threatening flash floods," the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.