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If your iPhone isn't charging, you should try cleaning your charging port.

How to properly clean your iPhone’s charging port when it won’t charge

If your iPhone isn't charging, its charging port may be due for a cleaning. Here's how to clean an iPhone charging port with simple tools.
Putting your iPhone into recovery mode can repair major software defects.

How to put an iPhone into ‘recovery mode’ using iTunes, and repair it when it’s malfunctioning

You can put certain malfunctioning iPhones into recovery mode to try and repair them. Here's how to put your iPhone in recovery mode through iTunes.
An unresponsive iPhone can be frustrating. Here are some tips to help it return to working order.

‘Why won’t my iPhone turn on?’: 3 ways to troubleshoot an iPhone that won’t restart

If you're asking yourself why your iPhone won't turn on, here are several tips and methods you can use to troubleshoot any unresponsive iPhone.

How to restart your Mac computer in 4 different ways, including when it’s frozen

You should occasionally restart your Mac to help it run more efficiently. Here's how to restart a Mac in 4 different ways, including when it's frozen.
If you're out of options, it may be time to factory reset your iPhone, after which you can restore it from a backup.

How to restore your iPhone from a backup after taking the ‘nuclear option’ of a factory reset

After performing a factory reset, you need to know how to restore your iPhone's data. Here's how to backup, factory reset, and restore your iPhone.

How to reset a Mac computer to its factory default settings

If you're selling or trying to fix your Mac, knowing how to wipe a Mac and reset it to its factory settings can be a vital step. Here's how to do it.

‘Why is my iPad so slow?’: How to get your iPad running smoothly again

Here's how to figure out why your iPad is so slow, and several troubleshooting methods you can use to fix it.
Google Play Services runs many of your Android phone's important features.

How to update Google Play Services on an Android phone, and troubleshoot it if it stops responding

Here's a guide on how to update and troubleshoot Google Play Services, the program that runs many of your Android phone's most important features.
Be sure to back up your iPad right before starting the reset.

How to restore your iPad from a backup after resetting it

Knowing how to restore an iPad from a backup can save you a lot of grief if you ever need to reset your iPad. Here's how to go about it.
Turning your iPad on and off is quick and easy, though the method varies slightly depending on the model of your device.

How to turn any iPad model on and off

The method you use to turn your iPad off and on depends on the model of your device. Here's how to turn off any iPad model and turn it back on.