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Truck drivers are terrified of getting abandoned by their companies if they get the coronavirus.

America’s largest trucking companies won’t reveal how — or if — they’ll get their drivers home if they get coronavirus, ...

We contacted 11 of the largest public trucking companies to ask how they will help sick drivers. Few supplied concrete polices.

Leaked memo reveals trucking giant mistakenly distributed faulty sanitation wipes to its 10,000-plus drivers

The issue adds to a bigger problem facing essential workers in the US: Truckers number 1.8 million, and they're not able to socially distance at home.

The coronavirus just indefinitely postponed truck drivers’ most hated 72 hours of the year — and the unprecedented move shows how panic bu...

The postponement is a sign of how truck drivers are being slammed with orders as shoppers panic buy and hospitals require more goods.
McDonald's brown paper bag.

McDonald’s is pushing an ordering system invented for truckers, as 1.8 million drivers struggle to find food amid the coronavirus pandemic

As many fast food locations are going drive-thru only, America's big-rig drivers are going hungry — but a new system from McDonald's will change that.
The highways from NYC to Wisconsin were full of semis and largely devoid of cars. It seemed like people were taking social distancing seriously.

I left New York City to drive to my parent’s farm in Wisconsin, and the highways were nearly empty of cars but full of semis. 40 photos show the...

The highways from NYC to Wisconsin were full of semis and largely devoid of cars. It seemed like people were taking COVID social distancing seriously.
Coronavirus is presenting new challenges for truck drivers.

Uber Freight is giving weekly $20 Eats credits to truck drivers on its platform because their food options are suddenly disappearing

As traditional food options vanish for truckers who can't use drive-thrus, Uber Freight is giving drivers a weekly $20 prop — but it won't go far.
A man wears a face mask and surgical gloves to prevent COVID-19 spread, at the New York City subway train in New York, United States on March 11, 2020.

Shifting Gears: What travel is essential? What’s not?

Going to see your grandmother? Probably not essential. But medical workers do have to get around. Truckers are facing unique problems, too.
Truck drivers are scrambling for parking as the coronavirus shutters much-needed rest stops.

Truck drivers have a big problem: Rest stops are shuttering across the US, leaving them to scramble for places to sleep, eat, and use the restroom

Rest stops are a key place for drivers to sleep at night. Truck drivers aren't able to park their vehicles anywhere to rest while on the road.
Truck drivers and their employers are increasingly expecting a macro-recession.

Coronavirus just crashed a critical survey of trucking outlooks to an all-time low, and it’s a chilling sign for the economy

As coronavirus slams the economy, struggles in the $800 billion trucking industry point to looming problems in the macroeconomy.
Some truck drivers won't have to follow the much-hated safety laws.

In an unprecedented move, the Trump administration suspended an 82-year-old road safety law for some truck drivers, showing how much coronavirus is pr...

The hours-of-service regulations are some of truck drivers' most-hated laws, and some drivers won't have to follow them amid the national emergency.