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Trump claims the US economy is ‘incredible’ and far from recession — but 4 of his favorite indicators paint a different picture

The Trump administration showed off a collection of indicators during a September 2018 briefing. Nearly all the charts have shown downtrends since.

July was not the start of a rate-cut cycle, Fed signals in latest minutes

The minutes followed a particularly harsh string of President Trump's attacks on the Federal Reserve.
The US is negotiating with Taliban fighters who continue to wage a brutal war against Afghanistan's security forces and civilians.

America has no good options in Afghanistan and is literally negotiating with terrorists because of it

President Trump's officials have been negotiating with the Taliban to get out of Afghanistan, while the Taliban has been attacking Afghans.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump.

Trump asks ‘WHERE IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE’ after Germany sells bonds with no interest

Germany is paying "zero interest and is actually being paid to borrow money," Trump tweeted.

The US deficit is set to top $1 trillion 2 years sooner than expected

The CBO estimated the budget agreement Trump signed into law this month would add roughly $1.7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade.
Dan Moss, of the National Potato Council, dons his 'Make Potatoes Great Again' hat before joining U.S. President Donald Trump in the Roosevelt Room at the White House May 23, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Truckers and farmers who voted for Trump are starting to blame his policies for their economic woes

Farmers and truckers are increasingly wary of Trump and the policies he's put in place. That's bad news for Trump's iffy polling numbers.
President Donald Trump stands behind President Donald Trump

‘He’s like a golfer who can’t putt’: Trump ramps up attacks on Fed chief amid recession concerns

The tweetstorm came as Trump sought to shift blame for growing recession concerns away from ongoing trade tensions.

Trump repeats baseless claim that journalists are trying to ‘create’ a recession

The White House has not responded to multiple emails requesting evidence or context to support that claim.
Combined, Donald Trump and his family are worth more than $4 billion.

Here’s how the Trump family spends their billions, from a $15 million beachfront estate in St. Martin to a $32 million fleet of private helicopt...

President Donald Trump has a net worth of $3.1 billion. Considering the net worths of his adult children, the Trump family fortune exceeds $4 billion.
President Donald Trump

Trump appeared to misunderstand the definition of a recession while arguing that the US having one is a price worth paying

Trump on Tuesday spoke of the US entering recession for two months. Economists broadly agree that a downturn must last six months to be a "recession."