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Mysterious traders may have made $3.5 billion off stock bets timed to Trump’s trade-war comments, Vanity Fair finds

Vanity Fair reported on a series of trades that were oddly timed to trade war developments, suggesting that some traders made handsome profits.

‘I’m the Meryl Streep of generals’: Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had an epic response to Trump calling him ‘overrated&#...

"And you have to admit, between me and Meryl, at least we've had some victories," he added at the Al Smith dinner.
An F-15E dropping a bomb.

Trump’s hasty exit forced US troops to bomb their own base in ‘an extreme worst-case scenario’

A spokesperson for the US counter-ISIS mission said that the procedure was pre-planned, and reduced the base's military usefulness.

Researchers from Columbia and Rutgers crunched the data and found no bias from The New York Times in its Trump coverage

Researchers decided to look into accusations of media bias against The New York Times in its Trump coverage. The team found none.

Top White House adviser suggests Fed officials are part of ‘deep state’

The comment was an escalation in a long-running pressure campaign the Trump administration has waged against the US central bank.

China says the US needs to lift tariffs before final trade deal

China has been slow to confirm details on key parts of the partial agreement with the US, which has not yet been put on paper.

Trump’s withdrawal from Kurdish region has opened the door to a new wave of war crimes

Videos and reports from Syria suggest Turkish-backed forces are allegedly committing war crimes, including the execution of a Kurdish politician.

Farmers are skeptical of the partial trade pact Trump announced with China

Questions over a US-China trade announcement have mounted since last week, particularly within the agricultural sector.
Students at the University of Northern Iowa protesting president Donald Trump.

A new poll found that 76% of college students say they support impeachment inquiry into President Trump

Democratic, Republican, and independent students alike all support the impeachment inquiry more than they did five months ago.
U.S. Senator and democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks during a campaign event in New York City, U.S. September 17, 2019.

Facebook made the unusual decision to push back directly on Elizabeth Warren and her criticism of the company, but its attempt to defend itself backfi...

Facebook tried to make a point about freedom of speech, but Warren shot back, saying, "It's up to you whether you take money to promote lies."