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Mahathir and Johor’s Crown Prince are being urged to use the holy month to end their feud, after the PM called Tunku Ismail ‘stupid’ and ‘a little boy...

It still looks like Malaysia's Prime Minister and the Johor Crown Prince are far from making up.

Mahathir called the Johor Crown Prince ‘a small fry’, after the royal was filmed saying ‘it’s better to change the Prime Minis...

This is not the first public spat between the two: Mahathir and Tunkul Ismail have a history of not getting along.

A meetup for the public to take selfies with four crown princes was cancelled after an Umno politican promoted it on social media

Umno supreme council member Lokman Noor bin Adam said it had led to the Palace having the perception that it was an Umno event.

Mahathir confirms meeting with Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim, says ‘I just want to see him’: The Star

A video shared shows the Malaysian premier riding in a Proton Saga with the Johor Sultan.

David Beckham invited Johor’s Crown Prince to watch Arsenal vs Spurs – and Mesut Ozil even gave him some presents

Of course the Crown Prince scored some pretty neat gifts from Ozil.