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There’s a $200 million abandoned village of Disney-like castles in Turkey. Take a look inside.

Burj Al Babas was designed as a luxury community for foreign buyers, but its villas are still empty.

US troops were highly visible regulars at the Syrian restaurant where a suicide bomber killed 4 Americans

US troops reportedly visited the restaurant, which served foods like grilled chicken, French fries, and shawarma sandwiches, several times a week.

Adam Silver says NBA supports Enes Kanter for avoiding team trip to London over fear for his safety after comments on Erdogan

Enes Kanter has been a vocal critic of Recep Tayyip Erodgan and did not want to travel to London over fears for his safety, which Adam Silver said he supports.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he supports President Donald Trump holding talks with Iran, but listed conditions for such discussions to move forward.

Trump threatened to ‘devastate’ a NATO ally’s economy, and his State Department has no idea that means

Asked what Trump meant by economic devastation for Turkey, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a reporter they'd have to ask Trump himself.
The US reportedly started withdrawing troops from Syria on Friday. Here, US provide security during an independent patrol outside Manbij, Syria, in August 2018.

The US has started pulling out of Syria after a week of chaotic, confusing messages

President Donald Trump said last month that he wanted to withdraw US troops from Syria. How the US would actually do that has been much less clear.
The US plan to pull troops out of Syria appears to have hit a snag already as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right) objected to conditions proposed by US National Security Advisor John Bolton (left).

Trump’s plan to get out of Syria is collapsing already

The US said its withdrawal would depend on Turkish assurances to not attack the Kurdish YPG militia after the US pulled out. Turkey refused to agree.

Knicks player fearing for his safety is in a wild back-and-forth with a former NBA player who’s now a top adviser to Turkish President Erdogan

Enes Kanter and Hedo Turkoglu exchanged barbs on Monday after Kanter said he would not travel to London out of fear of retaliation for his criticism of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump during a visit with US troops in Iraq, December 26, 2018.

Trump says ‘the generals’ asked for more time in Syria, but he said ‘Nope’ because ‘We’ve knocked them silly’...

Trump said the US cannot be "the policeman of the world" and called on other countries to help Syria rebuild.
US President Donald Trump meets with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey during the UN General Assembly in New York, US, September 21, 2017.

‘You know what? It’s yours’: Trump reportedly threw his hands up on Syria during phone call with the Turkish president

Reports give some clues as to why Trump made his decision to pull US troops out of Syria that prompted Defense Secretary James Mattis to resign.
Can you spot the turkeys?

The average time to solve this Christmas brainteaser is 3 minutes, how fast can you do it?

It takes most people three to four minutes to find all five turkeys in this Christmas brainteaser from Stay In Cornwall. How fast can you do it?