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Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's second most-followed person on Instagram.

The 20 most popular rich-list football teams on social media

As the wallets of the continent's biggest teams continue to grow, so too do their online presences. Social media is also increasingly driving revenue for clubs as brands target players with large followings for sponsorships.

Elon Musk initially said Tesla board members hadn’t contacted him about his ‘funding secured’ tweet, but later had to correct himsel...

In an interview with the New York Times, Elon Musk said he hadn't been contacted by Tesla board members about his controversial 'funding secured' tweet. He corrected himself shortly after the article was published.

‘Why would I?’ Elon Musk says he has no regrets about his infamous ‘funding secured’ tweet and plans to keep using Twitter

Elon Musk's infamous "funding secured" tweet could cost him billions, due to pending investor lawsuits and SEC scrutiny. But Musk has no plan to stop tweeting, he told The New York Times in an interview.

Urban Dictionary is trolling Elon Musk with the definition of ‘funding secured’

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk's infamous 'funding secured' Tweet has secured a spot on Urban Dictionary. The phrase is defined as "when you have no idea where you're gonna get the money."
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey doubles down on his criticism of Facebook and YouTube while defending Alex Jones’ right to keep tweeting

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said rival companies like Facebook and YouTube had been 'inconsistent' in their handling of the Infowars host Alex Jones. He defended Jones' right to keep tweeting, despite Twitter freezing the conspiracy theorist's account for seven days earlier this week.
Alex Jones on Infowars.

Twitter finally admits Alex Jones violated its rules, hits him with a 7-day ban

Twitter has locked Alex Jones' account for seven days after the Infowars host broke the company's rules. The conspiracy theorist will be unable to post and can only read posts from people he follows.
Jack Dorsey.

A Twitter engineer says he’s deleting the app from his own phone in a protest of CEO Jack Dorsey’s policies

Twitter IT system engineer Jared Gaut's angry criticism of his boss has already been retweeted thousands of times.
Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban says he cashed out his Twitter stock

Mark Cuban says he cashed out his Twitter stock. Shares have nearly doubled since he told CNBC in May 2017 that he started buying the stock.

Trump condemns ‘all types of racism’ ahead of ‘Unite the Right’ rally on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday ahead of Sunday's "Unite the Right" rally, an event to support "white civil rights," which falls on the anniversary of a violent clash between neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia.
A photo of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht who sentenced to life in prison May 29, 2015.

The founder of Silk Road is dictating tweets from the prison where he’s serving life — and he’s convinced 55,000 people to sign his ...

His family have set up the twitter account @RealRossU, which relays messages Ulbricht dictates from prison. The account has sttracted over 18,000 followers and helped get over 55,000 signatures for a petition asking for clemency for Ulbricht.