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Twitter was down Tuesday morning for thousands of users

According to outage tracking site Down Detector, tens thousands of users reported having issues with Twitter shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday.
James Charles mocked the viral video.

James Charles mocked YouTuber band the Dobre Brothers with a parody video of their miserable meet and greet

Charles posted a video with the same apology statement as the Dobre Brothers, and pretended to be stony faced and miserable when a fan walked in.

Mitt Romney operates a secret Twitter account where he defends himself against critics and slams Trump’s policies

Romney admitted Sunday that he operates an account under the alias Pierre Dilecto which he has used to like his own tweets and challenge critics.

The creators of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ say the tech industry’s lack of self-awareness is what makes it a good punchline —...

HBO's tech satire takes on data misuse and the scooter craze in its final season. But the WeWork IPO happened after the season wrapped filming.
Mark Hurd delivers a keynote address during the 2013 Oracle Open World conference on September 23, 2013 in San Francisco, California. The week-long Oracle Open World conference runs through September 26

Oracle employees and tech workers mourn CEO Mark Hurd, who died at the age of 62

Hurd's death follows news in September that he was taking a leave of absence "to spend time focused on my health."
FILE PHOTO: People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo

Investigators reportedly served search warrants on Gab and Twitter to find out if an arrested neo-Nazi shared child abuse images on social media

Wesley Gilbreath, a 29-year-old neo-Nazi from Colorado, is suspected of possessing and sharing images of child abuse on social media.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's new cover photo on Twitter.

Nancy Pelosi took a photo that Trump tweeted to accuse her of having a ‘meltdown’ and made it her cover photo

The photo was taken at a meeting after the House voted to condemn the US withdrawal from Syria. Pelosi also said the president had a "meltdown."
Winnie the rescue pup.

A woman was accidentally reunited with a dog she’d fostered, and the sweet story will make you cry

After months apart, a journalist reunited with her former foster dog when the pup decided to plop down on her lawn on a day that she really needed it.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey takes his seat as he arrives for a House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing about Twitter's transparency and accountability.

Twitter has published its rules for world leaders, including what types of tweets won’t be allowed

In a new blog post, Twitter discusses what types of tweets won't be allowed, regardless of who's tweeting them.

Activist and Warren campaign surrogate Ashlee Marie Preston under fire for racist and misogynistic tweets

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign also faced backlash for failing to vet Preston who served as a campaign surrogate.