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Top Trump fundraisers who sought to negotiate $1 billion in business deals with Middle East princes called Jared Kushner a ‘Clown Prince’

Elliott Broidy, a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump, and George Nader, Broidy's business partner, had proposed business dealings with crown princes from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for more than $1 billion.

RANKED: The 29 richest countries in the world

Size doesn't always mean wealth when it comes to the world's richest countries, according to data published in April by the International Monetary Fund.
Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. reportedly met with an emissary for Saudi Arabia and the UAE who offered to help Trump with the 2016 election

Donald Trump Jr. met with an emissary for the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE three months before the 2016 presidential election in the first sign that a country other than Russia offered the Trump campaign help, according to a new report from The New York Times.

Mueller is now looking into more mysterious meetings in the Seychelles

The special counsel Robert Mueller has broadened his focus on potential foreign influence on the Trump campaign or administration.
A rendering of a potential Hyperloop station in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia plans to build a Hyperloop that would shrink commutes from hours to minutes — here’s what it could look like

Saudi Arabia and Virgin Hyperloop One say they plan to build a high-speed pneumatic railway that would pass through several Saudi and UAE cities by 2030.

Trump scrapped a $2 billion deal with the UAE days before the secret Seychelles meeting that Mueller now has his eyes on

Trump said he turned down the  proposal because he did not want to be perceived as taking advantage of the presidency.
Sustainable City outside Dubai, UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is building a $354 million city with driverless cars, greenhouses, and solar-powered villas

The Sustainable City is the UAE's latest megaproject aimed at developing an ultra-modern, environmentally friendly metropolis.
Smoke rises as people inspect damage at the site of air strikes in the city of Saada, Yemen on January 6, 2018.

US maintains support of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen war even as NATO allies stop selling weapons

The war in Yemen could be "the worst humanitarian crisis" in 50 years.

Qatar accuses UAE aircraft of violating its airspace: agency

Qatar has filed a com...
Always be sure to use a designated pedestrian crossing when crossing the road in the US.

From smoking in Singapore to dancing after dark in Japan — doing any of these 13 things could get you in trouble while travelling abroad

Simple things like crossing the street or packing paracetamol in your suitcase can land you in trouble in some countries.