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Uber’s trucking division has hemorrhaged hundreds of millions of dollars. Here’s why the tech giant is betting another $200 million on fre...

Uber is serious about its trucking business — even though it's just as unprofitable as the rest of the company.
The Old Chicago Main Post Office has sat vacant since 1997. That's about to change.

Uber is opening massive new offices in Chicago and Dallas despite recent cost-cutting efforts

Uber is investing $200 million annually in Chicago as it scales up its freight division in the Windy City, the company said Monday.
Uber Freight has changed how truckers are paid while waiting for shipments to load or unload.

Uber Freight has altered the fine print in how truckers are paid for detention, and drivers are frustrated with the change

"They will pay you only if you jump through enough hoops for them," one truck driver told Business Insider about the Uber Freight pay changes.

Amazon now wants to disrupt the shipping industry. Its new trial trucking platform is undercutting prices by up to a third.

Amazon's digital freight brokerage acts as a broker between shippers and truckers, giving the company more control over prices and access to capacity.
Uber Freight opened in late 2016.

Uber Freight has nabbed execs from Airbnb and Box, plans to double its staff this year, and hinted that international expansion is next

Uber Freight's growth plans are all good signs for the rapidly-growing freight brokerage tech space.
Three percent of truckers said they regularly receive detention pay.

Uber Freight is helping combat a $1.3 billion problem that the trucking industry has ignored for years

Truck drivers lose $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion in pay every year because of detention.

Uber is now officially in the trucking business too

Uber isn't just about people or food anymore. Uber Freight is bringing Uber into the trucking business.