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Deliveroo rider.

Uber could be getting ready to buy Deliveroo, a food-delivery startup valued at over $2 billion and one of its biggest international rivals

Uber could be buying Deliveroo, a key rival to the Uber Eats food delivery app. A Thursday report from Bloomberg said the company was in early talks to acquire the food-delivery startup.
Mark Zuckerberg at a tech and media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Facebook faces discrimination lawsuits amid reports it allowed Uber to run job ads targeted exclusively at men

Facebook faces discrimination lawsuits for allegedly allowing employers to target job ads at a single gender. Civil rights organisation the ACLU filed a complaint against Facebook claiming that 10 employers had targeted job ads only to men.
Rachel Whetstone

A fired Uber executive is suing top tech PR person Rachel Whetstone, alleging she made ‘disparaging and grossly misleading statements’

The Uber exec who was fired as reports emerged that he had personally obtained the medical files of a rape victim alleges that he was falsely smeared by Uber's PR boss.

Uber’s new European boss made a speech radically upending everything the company is known for

Uber's new European boss Jamie Heywood gave a speech in London on Wednesday. His rhetoric is indicative of a shift in Uber's corporate strategy, with an emphasis on cooperating with regulators to make cities less congested and air-polluted.

Uber passengers in Australia and New Zealand will get banned from the app if their rating drops below 4 stars

Uber riders in Australia and New Zealand with ratings under 4 stars are in danger of being kicked off the app, the company announced. The crackdown is set to begin September 19, but Uber says passengers at risk will be issued several warnings to improve their ratings.

Here’s why Ashton Kutcher thinks it’s ‘absurd’ if you have a problem with the scooters that were littering San Francisco’...

"This just aversion to change," said Ashton Kutcher, the actor and investor, of the regulatory issues now facing electric scooter company Bird.

Uber is expanding its six-month ban for passengers with low ratings

Uber will start issuing six-month bans to riders in Australia and New Zealand who have a rating below four stars. The new policy, which Uber has also tested in Brazil, will go into effect September 19.
Apple's object-detection software.

One of Apple’s secretive self-driving cars got in a crash for the first time — but it doesn’t seem to be Apple’s fault

One of Apple's mysterious self-driving cars got into a crash in August — but it was rear-ended from behind, and nobody was hurt. It's the first time one of Apple's cars has had this kind of crash.
Electric scooters are taking over San Francisco.

Uber and Lyft just got locked out of one of the most important new businesses by San Francisco officials

San Francisco has selected two companies — Scoot and Skip — to operate dockless scooters as part of a one-year pilot program.

Tesla’s volatility could be costing it millions in lost investments, an analyst warns

Toyota has invested in Uber and Grab recently, and one analyst is worried Tesla should be looking for new investments, not turning them away is it reportedly did with Volkswagen.