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Uber and Lyft rides are down in New York City thanks to a minimum-wage rule that drove up prices. Analysts say it could have been even worse.

Total rides fell in the five boroughs, new data shows, but an analyst says the drop isn't as bad as some had feared.

Lyft broke the law when it failed to tell Chicago about a driver it kicked off its app. A month later he was accused of killing a taxi driver while wo...

Lyft could be fined up to $10,000 for failing to report the driver, who has since been charged with murder.

Here’s why Uber buying Postmates could be a win-win for everyone involved

UberEats is still an under-appreciated part of Uber's business, says Needham & Company analyst Brad Erickson.

Oracle is joining Amazon and Uber in the race to digitize the ‘antiquated’ $800 billion trucking industry

Oracle is adding a digital truck brokerage tool to help Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, and other Fortune 500 companies fulfill their transportation needs.
That's Petey.

A man called an Uber to rescue an injured baby bird because he was too drunk to help it himself

In June, an injured baby bird arrived alone at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Utah. A man called an uber for the animal because he was drunk.

Lyft wants to patent a ‘driver jukebox’ that could let you play music during your ride

Uber, the company's biggest competitor, has had a similar function for more than three years. Lyft might be trying to catch up.
Thuan Pham joined Uber as CTO in 2013

An Uber executive says the company hopes to eventually open its platform to third-party developers

Thuan Pham said at a conference Tuesday that Uber wants to emulate Amazon's web services product to supplement revenue and help turn a profit

One-third of Amazon employees predict a website crash on Prime Day, a new survey says

The survey was conducted by Blind, a popular app among workers at Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Facebook.

A writer’s surprisingly simple trick for staying safe in a Lyft has gone viral. Here’s what you need to know.

The driver thanked Tiffany Jackson, whose tweet has garnered more than 2,000 retweets, and said he was going to pass along the tips to his sister.