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China's domestic economy is leading its future.

China’s efforts to open its economy is working, UBS says — trade war or no trade war

"Measures to lower production costs and support for the private sector and innovation can help improve China's competitiveness and productivity over time."
UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti.

UBS slammed a Financial Times journalist for ’embarrassing reporting’ and ‘agenda journalism’ after a minor mistake

The Swiss bank, which posted lower wealth-management and investment-banking profits, tweeted the attack to its 426,000 Twitter followers.
Going down.

We’re building fewer elevators and escalators — and it’s evidence that ‘growth might go to zero’

UBS's construction research shows the market for such items has gone into stagnation — implying that large building construction is losing steam.

UBS predicts plant-based meat sales could grow by more than 25% a year to $85 billion by 2030

Dairy alternatives could be worth $37.5 billion in 2025 as plant-based alternatives replace animal-based foods.

Here’s why a UBS economist’s ‘Chinese pig’ comment may have been offensive to Mandarin speakers

Several Mandarin insults revolve around pigs, including "da ben zhu" or "big stupid pig," to refer to someone clumsy and stupid.
Paul Donovan.

UBS was kicked off a $1 billion bond deal because China is angry about a joke a senior economist made about pigs

"Chinese consumer prices rose. This was mainly due to sick pigs. Does this matter? It matters if you are a Chinese pig," economist Paul Donovan said.

UBS puts its chief economist on leave following outrage over ‘Chinese pig’ comment

Confusion reigned over comments made by Paul Donovan, who offended the Chinese population after using the phrase "Chinese pig" in an interview.
FedEx ending its Domestic Express contract with Amazon is good news for UPS, the bank UBS said on Friday.

FedEx ending its contract with Amazon for express deliveries in the US is good news for UPS, according to analysts

Amazon may shift more business to UPS after FedEx decided not to renew its FedEx Express contract with the online retailer.
In a series of interviews with Business Insider, numerous experts have questioned Boeing's handling of the 737 Max crisis.

Nearly half of Americans say they won’t fly on Boeing’s embattled 737 Max plane until it safely returns to service for at least six months...

Wall Street is still overwhelmingly positive about Boeing's prospects, despite the company losing more than $50 billion of value after two crashes.

Your Uber ride could get 80% cheaper over the next decade

Analysts at the Wall Street bank UBS have some big predictions about autonomous cars' impact on the ride-hailing industry.