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I tried my first bowl of scouse in Liverpool.

I tried ‘scouse,’ the easy-to-make British stew that comes from Liverpool, and I’m going to add it to my comfort food repertoire

The hearty stew may not have been the most delicious thing Senior Lifestyle Reporter Rachel Hosie has ever eaten, but it certainly hit the spot.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

UK doctors are told they may have to prioritize coronavirus patients with a ‘higher survival probability’ — even if it means taking ...

Ethics guidance released by the British Medical Association said doctors may have to take "grave decisions" during the height of the pandemic.
A chart showing the UK's trajectory on new coronavirus deaths over seven day rolling periods, compared to other affected countries.

The UK recorded its 2 worst days in a row for the coronavirus, and now the country ‘is on a much worse trajectory for deaths than China’

A sharp spike of 944 deaths in 48 hours has put the UK on a worrying trajectory for deaths from the novel coronavirus.
The penguins and their keepers at Paradise Park.

4 zookeepers have moved into their zoo for 3 months to quarantine with the animals

Four zookeepers at Paradise Park are taking employee dedication to a whole new level — they're moving into the zoo due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One simple idea is catching on in Europe to fight the coronavirus: Pay workers to stay at home and do nothing.

The calculation among three European governments is that it's better to pay up and keep people on payrolls than risk severe economic disruption.

The British government tells couples to ‘test the strength of their relationship’ and either quarantine together or stay apart during the ...

Dr. Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer, said couples cannot keep seeing each other during the coronavirus pandemic if they live apart.
An Italian soldier stands guard in front of the Turin Synagogue on March 18, 2020, during a nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus.

Western countries only seem capable of social distancing when their governments force them

As governments urge people to stay at home, pictures on social media still show crowded streets and parks in places like France, Britain, and the US.

Amazon is reportedly in talks to help deliver COVID-19 tests in the UK

The UK government has been under considerable pressure to ramp up its testing on healthcare workers.
Prince Harry congratulates Marc Van De Kuilen of the Netherlands, following a match of wheelchair basketball at the Sydney, Australia, Invictus Games in 2018.

Prince Harry announced Invictus Games competition is postponed due to the coronavirus and asked disappointed participants to ‘look out for each ...

Prince Harry founded the competition for injured military personnel and veterans in 2014. The 2020 event was set to take place in The Hague in May.