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The Bank of England is once again at war with pro-Brexit politicians

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson set himself on a collision course with the UK's central bank, the Bank of England, on Tuesday after calling into question claims made by its governor, Mark Carney.
Theresa MAy

The CBI just made a major intervention to keep Britain in a customs union after Brexit

Britain's biggest business lobbyist, the CBI, has warned the government that it must "break the Brexit logjam" or risk doing major damage to the UK economy going forward.
BoE deputy governor for monetary policy, Ben Broadbent

A Bank of England official was forced to apologise after calling the UK economy ‘menopausal’

The UK economy is in a "menopausal" phase after passing peak productivity, a Bank of England deputy governor Ben Broadbent said in an interview. He suggested that low productivity growth in Britain looks like the end of the 19th century after the age of steam had passed its peak.
A clothes shop tries to sell the last of its stock before closing down on February 1, 2012 in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Staffordshire has borne the brunt of the economic downturn with the loss of 21,100 manufacturing jobs which have fallen from 74,200 in 2006/07 to 53,100 in 2010/11, the highest in the UK according to a survey by the GMB union.

Brits have suddenly stopped shopping — and it’s a worrying omen for the economy

"Even once we take account of these seasonal distortions, the underlying trend in sales growth is heading downwards," the British Retail Consortium's chief executive Helen Dickinson said in a statement.

Britain’s seemingly dire economy isn’t actually doing that terribly

Looking at the data from the British economy released over the past few weeks has been a somewhat chastening experience. Virtually every indicator and data point released in April and early May was below expectations.

The pound is about to do something it hasn’t done in 15 years

A combination of factors, from waning expectations of a UK interest rate hike in May, to a resurgent dollar, have helped subdue the pound, which as recently as two weeks ago was being described as the "darling of the currency world."

The British economy is growing at its slowest pace in more than 5 years

"While the snow had some impact on the economy, particularly in construction and some areas of retail, its overall effect was limited with the bad weather actually boosting energy supply and online sales," Rob Kent-Smith, the ONS' head of national accounts said in a statement.

2018 could end up being a great year for the UK economy — here’s why

UK economic growth could pick up much more sharply than expected by the end of 2018, according to JPMorgan Asset Management's Mike Bell.

The pound hit its highest level since the Brexit vote

Sterling's value has increased by more than 6% this year, and one currency strategist has called it "the darling of the currency world."
City workers cross London Bridge during the morning rush-hour in the City of London August 11, 2010.

UK unemployment falls once again — and Brits are finally getting a pay rise

Unemployment in the UK unexpectedly fell between December and February, according to new data released by the Office for National Statistics on Tuesday.