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This Michelin Star restaurant recycles every scrap of food waste — here’s how

With the help of Indie Ecology, Pied à Terre recycles all its food waste. The company works with 80 restaurants across London to use food waste as compost.

People are queueing for 2 hours to get a £6 lunch from the world’s first Michelin Star street food chef

Hawker Chan is a Singaporean chef who's famous for his soya sauce chicken dish which he will be serving at KERB in King's Cross, London until March 16th.
The Analemma Tower by Clouds Architecture Office.

A US design firm has plans for a skyscraper that would hang from an asteroid

It would travel thousands of miles every day between the Northern and Southern hemispheres in a figure-of-eight loop.

The evolutionary reason why dogs are more responsive to humans than cats

Business Insider spok...

This machine splits large logs into firewood using a hydraulic press

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This ride spins on 4 different axes to throw you around in every direction at 3.5G

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This homemade cedar chair has a chute which drops beer into your hand

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A former British Special Forces Operator tells us the one characteristic of a great leader

Ant Middleton said: 'A great leader should never ask anyone to do anything that they haven't done or they haven't experienced.'

This is why you should avoid the first flight of the day if you hate turbulence

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