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Porn will be age-blocked across the UK on July 15

The UK government announced Wednesday that its controversial porn age-verification laws would come into force on July 15.

A UK regulator just proposed banning minors from using the ‘Like’ button on Facebook or Instagram

The Information Commissioner's Office has proposed a rule that would restrict people under 18 from using the "like" button on Facebook or Instagram.

A British woman was accused by Italian police of stealing ancient tiles from Pompeii ruins

A 21-year-old woman from the UK was accused by Italian police of stealing tiles from ancient Pompeii ruins while visiting Italy for her birthday.
The M&S "Yoga Bunny" is moulded into a downward dog pose.

A UK supermarket’s chocolate ‘yoga bunny’ has gone viral for its ‘suggestive’ downward dog pose

The retailer simply said it was "hoppy" its yoga-loving bunny was "putting a smile on customers' faces."
And I would drive 400 miles.

A man drove a stranger 400 miles out of the way to visit his dying mother

Dean Moore drove Sharleen and Ron Gillies 400-miles roundtrip to visit a terminally ill relative. It was a not-so-little act of kindness.
Index backed hot scooter startup Bird.

Bird celebrates after Britain signals it is ready to trash a 184-year-old law banning electric scooters

The electric scooter-sharing firm Bird has welcomed a UK government review which could see the vehicles allowed on British roads.
French President Emmanuel Macron.

Tech’s tax bombshell: Internet giants face billions more in taxes in Europe as regulators demand ‘justice’

France on Wednesday unveiled plans for a tax on big-tech revenue that it said would raise about €500 million, or $565 million, a year.

UK customers can save £50 off their first £100 purchase from Amazon’s business program — but you must sign up before May 14, 201...

An Amazon Business account is free to create for verified businesses and offers many benefits like price discounts and fast delivery options.

This London firm with VC backing just crowdfunded the most ever for an African solar project

"This deal really puts pressure on traditional investment methods for projects like this, and gives more power to retail investors."