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Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney will vote in favor of subpoenaing records of Hunter Biden’s Ukraine work one day after criticizing it as partisan

Romney's decision comes just one day after he described the Senate committee's efforts as partisan and political.

White House scraps Pentagon nomination for official who privately raised concerns about frozen Ukraine aid

Elaine McCusker is the latest to face Trump's wrath as he seeks vengeance against officials who spoke out — privately and publicy — against him.
Democratic Rep. Andy Levin of Michigan and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

A Democrat asked Mike Pompeo to point to things on a blank map in a nod to his awkward geography quiz

"To your left, you'll see a map of the world," the lawmaker told Pompeo.

We hired 2 comic creators from the world of DC and Marvel to tell the full story of why Trump was impeached, and what he got away with

All of this is now — in the eyes of the Senate — perfectly fine. We recruited two best-selling comic creators to show what happened.
A person throws a stone at a police van in Novi Sanzhary, Ukraine on February 20, 2020.

A crowd in Ukraine threw bricks at buses carrying coronavirus evacuees from Wuhan to quarantine

The buses were attacked in Novi Sanzhary on Thursday night. Nobody on board has tested positive for the coronavirus — the quarantine is a precaution.
Joseph Maguire speaks before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on July 25, 2018

Trump decided to replace his top spy chief after his aide told Congress that Russia is interfering in 2020 to help Trump win

Trump was led to falsely believe that Rep. Adam Schiff was fed exclusive information that could help Democrats if released publicly.

The senior Pentagon policy official who certified security aid to Ukraine has been asked to resign

John Rood, who was involved in certifying aid to Ukraine, has reportedly been asked to step down as undersecretary of defense for policy.
Former National Security Advisor John Bolton at Duke University on Monday.

John Bolton slammed Trump’s ‘wasted two years’ trying to denuclearize North Korea in his first public speech since the impeachment t...

The hawkish former National Security Advisor pulled no punches on North Korea and warned that leader Kim Jong Un was "jiving the Americans."
Former U.S. national security advisor John Bolton speaks during his lecture at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, U.S. February 17, 2020.

‘You’ll love Chapter 14’: John Bolton discussed his book and suggested he has a lot more to say about the Trump administration

He also described worrying about "censorship" of his book, Bloomberg reported, saying at a talk at Duke University, "I hope it's not suppressed."
Rudy Giuliani, lawyer for President Donald Trump, on Wednesday called for special counsel Robert Mueller to "put up or shut up" regarding the Russia investigation.

Federal prosecutors are reportedly still probing Giuliani’s activities in Ukraine even after the impeachment trial ended in acquittal for Trump

Giuliani was a central figure to impeachment proceedings against Trump, which ended in the president's acquittal earlier this month.