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Gig economy workers may be skewing measures for unemployment.

Gig-economy workers like Uber and Lyft drivers may be skewing low unemployment numbers

Wage growth has slowed because unemployment numbers do not account for gig economy workers, according to a Federal Reserve regional bank.

Traders are holding their breath on evidence of a first earnings recession for three years

Global stocks were mixed on Friday as markets waited to see if US bank earnings would fuel fears of a first-half earnings recession.

China’s disappointing data dump weighs on Asia stocks

Chinese industrial output rose 5.3% in the first two months of 2019, its slowest rate of growth in 17 years. And unemployment ticked higher.

These 6 maps show how the economies of all 50 US states and DC are doing

Business Insider recently ranked the economies of all 50 states and DC, based on six economic measures. Here's how each state fared on those measures.
She's probably part-time, and doesn't want to be.

Unemployment is low only because ‘involuntary’ part-time work is high

If "involuntary" part-timers were classed as "unemployed" — because they are unemployed for most of the week — then UK unemployment would be 7%.

The number of federal employees making unemployment claims during the government shutdown is soaring

10,454 federal employees claimed unemployment insurance for the week ending January 5, up 5,694 from the week before, as the shutdown drags on.
Wingstop is looking for new ways to cut labor costs.

Wingstop is replacing workers with robots and removing items from the menu as the industry battles skyrocketing labor costs

Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison said that the chain is cutting sides from its menu and investing in tech such as ordering kiosks to cut labor costs.
The SUV boom has left US car companies on the back foot.

America’s love for SUVs caught US carmakers off guard. Now, overcapacity is looking eerily similar to the era before the auto bailout

Overcapacity is crippling the US automotive industry during what should be a boom time for carmakers.
President Donald Trump.

A new study found that Trump’s trade war could take a gigantic bite out of the US economy

President Donald Trump's tariffs will increase unemployment, slow economic growth, and cost households almost $2,400 next year, a new study says.

Fast-food chains are scrambling to find employees, and it could be making your experience dining out worse

Chains like McDonald's and Taco Bell are struggling to fill positions and retain workers, with 898 million jobs open in the accommodation and food-services industry in August. "I don't see this problem getting easier," Panera Bread's CEO Blaine Hurst told Business Insider in a recent interview.