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Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has laid off a significant part of its workforce due to COVID-19.

Kickstarter is reducing its workforce by 39% through layoffs and voluntary buyouts as crowdfunding projects plummet during the pandemic

The crowdfunding website, which had been considering layoffs for weeks, will give employees several months' pay and healthcare per a union agreement.
A USPS employee in Boston during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The supervisor coughed in a coworker’s direction as a joke’: As coronavirus cases at the US Postal Service surpass 1,200, employees...

"A coworker stated that a supervisor coughed in his direction less than a few feet away as a joke," one USPS employee told Business Insider.

Defiant Amazon workers are planning to strike again at the same warehouse where a strike organizer was fired last week

Workers at more than 50 Amazon warehouses nationwide have tested positive for COVID-19, and workers say they're nervous about catching the virus.
Uber and Lyft drivers protest the ride sharing companies' low wages in Los Angeles, California on September 5, 2017.

‘This is why people are so angry’: Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Uber built their empires on the backs of contractors. A pandemic...

Most tech companies rely on non-standard workers of some sort for tasks ranging from driving or delivery to content moderation or data analysis.

GM will promote more than 1,350 temp workers to full-time jobs as part of agreement that ended 40-day strike

The employees will transition to full-time employment across 14 plants across the US in the first quarter of 2020.

One astounding chart shows how the death of the union has made economic inequality worse

As union membership rates declined, experts say its helped contribute to a rise of wealth inequality in the United States.

Tech and gaming workers seeking to organize get a boost from one of the country’s largest labor unions

Communications Workers of America is launching a new initiative to support unionization efforts by increasingly vocal tech and gaming workers.

Thousands of Google cafeteria staff have unionized, and it’s the latest group of Google’s ‘shadow workforce’ to join a union

The union organizing comes as Google is facing a wave of internal activism from its own employees protesting the company's treatment of workers.
Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, speaks during a press conference on aviation safety during the January shutdown.

America’s most influential flight attendant helped end the longest government shutdown. Now she’s on a mission to revive unions — an...

AFA-CWA president Sara Nelson is calling for Americans across industries to organize to end inequities and unchecked power in the country.

Toys R Us is bouncing back from bankruptcy, and the way it’s treating workers shows what American labor rights could look like in the next decad...

Jobs with Justice executive director Erica Smiley says that "mirror boards" of employees should meet with executive boards when making decisions.