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Over 5000 union contractors wait to listen to US President Donald Trump speak to at Shell Chemicals Petrochemical Complex on August 13, 2019 in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

Shell workers were incentivized with their paycheck to attend a Trump event, and one expert says it signals the ‘slow death of democracy’

Despite his disdain for supposedly paid protesters, Trump himself has benefited from people being paid to attend his events over the years.
Education secretary Betsy DeVos.

Teachers were told their student loan debt would be cancelled after 10 years of payments, but that didn’t happen. Now they’re suing Betsy ...

Eight public school teachers filed a lawsuit against Betsy DeVos, criticizing the Department of Education for mismanaging their student loan debt.

OPINION: Zion Williamson is about to join a union. But he should’ve been in one last year.

The NCAA should recognize unions of college athletes. This would give student athletes the ability to have a say in the biggest issues affecting them.
Uber drivers protest fare cuts in February, and go on strike in front of the car service's New York offices

Uber and Lyft are trying to make an end-run around unionization

The ride-hailing companies can't afford a unionized workforce and argue in an op-ed that employment law should be changed.

The labor-rights activist who helped win 2 million US caregivers higher wages warns that robots aren’t the real threat to workers

Jobs With Justice co-executive director Sarita Gupta said we need to address the "fissuring" of the economy and not take any changes as inevitable.

Thousands of Stop & Shop workers walked out in a strike that forced stores to close for hours

Stop & Shop locations across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were forced to close Thursday after workers walked out in protest.
New Yorkers protesting Amazon's now-canceled HQ2 expansion.

Amazon accused of illegally firing a warehouse worker who protested against working conditions and HQ2

Rashad Long worked at Amazon's Staten Island warehouse, and in December participated in a protest over Amazon's planned HQ2 expansion.

United, Alaska, and Spirit flight attendants are warning Trump, Pelosi, and McConnell that the government shutdown is doing real damage to the airline...

Flight attendants are asking lawmakers to end the shutdown due to the operational and financial harm done to workers and the traveling public.
Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren accuse Amazon of ‘potentially illegal’ activity in new attack against the company’s labor practi...

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have sent a letter to Amazon, asking them to explain the "potentially illegal" activity showcased in a video the company reportedly shows to management.

Ryanair is cutting flights to some winter destinations — and warns of more disruption to come

Ryanair is cutting flights to winter destinations and removing aircraft as labor strikes led the company to report a bleak full-year profit forecast. Europe's largest low cost-carrier in Europe said it suffered a fall in its flight traffic which hit revenue, due to September strikes from pilots and cabin crew across Europe in September.