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A family finds themselves face-to-face with a dinosaur in a "Jurassic World" short.

The ‘Jurassic World’ director just released a short film that takes place a year after the last movie and it shows dinosaurs on the loose

Universal Pictures revealed "Battle at Big Rock," an eight-minute short that takes place a year after "Fallen Kingdom" directed by Colin Trevorrow.
Here's how Charlize Theron looked in "The Fate of the Furious."

Charlize Theron is back in the next ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie, and she’s showing off a new hairdo

The actress confirmed on Instagram her "Fate of the Furious" villain would be back in next year's "Fast 9," and she's showing off a new look.
You may be left with some questions after "Hobbs and Shaw."

There’s a moment in ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ you may overlook that hints the movie may take place after ‘Fast and the Furious 9’...

While you're caught up in the bickering and antics of the spin-off, a missing character and a small detail suggest a gap in the "Fast" franchise.
Are we going to see Hobbs and Shaw team up again in the future? Or is Hobbs going to work with another team?

‘Hobbs and Shaw’ has 4 end-credits scenes. Here’s what they could mean for future ‘Fast and Furious’ movies

If you head out to see the "Fast and Furious" spinoff, stay until the very end for a few surprise extra scenes at the movie's end.
This is Judi Dench as a cat!

Here’s the star-studded cast of the ‘Cats’ movie and who they’re playing

The "Cats" movie trailer is here and the adaptation features a lot of A-list celebrities. From Taylor Swift to Ian McKellen, INSIDER breaks down the cast.
Taylor Swift ... as a cat.

The first trailer for the movie based on the ‘Cats’ musical just dropped, and you’ll want to prepare yourself for something special

Jason Derulo, Taylor Swift, Ian McKellen, and James Corden star in the movie, which will be in theaters in December.

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is tracking to make more money than ‘Get Out’ and ‘A Quiet Place’ in its opening weekend...

"Us," from "Get Out" director Jordan Peele, is expected to have a huge opening at the box office this weekend.
You're going to cheer — and be horrified — by Lupita Nyong'o the entire movie.

‘Us’ isn’t just a brilliant thriller, it’s an experience you need to watch immediately in a crowded theater

Jordan Peele's follow-up to Oscar winner "Get Out," is another mind-bending social thriller with a standout performance from Lupita Nyong'o.
Would you want to see characters together from different Blumhouse movies? From left to right, here's Tree (Jessica Rothe) from "Happy Death Day", the Purge, and Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) from "Get Out."

The man behind hits ‘Paranormal Activity,’ ‘Split,’ and ‘Get Out’ is interested in doing his own cinematic univers...

Producer Jason Blum spoke with INSIDER about "Happy Death Day 2U" and how he's interested in trying to figure out a larger cinematic universe for some of his characters.
Are you creeped out by the baby mask in "Happy Death Day 2u"? Good. Almost everyone can relate to the origin of how it became the movie's horror mascot.

The ‘Happy Death Day’ director says the idea for the creepy baby mask came from a fear of being a bad parent

"Happy Death Day 2U" director Christopher B. Landon told INSIDER he was an expecting parent when he was inspired for the look of the murderer in the original movie.