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A rendering of the J.L. Hudson site redevelopment in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit is building a $1 billion ‘city within a city’ on the site of a dead department store

On the site of a former department store, Detroit megadeveloper Bedrock plans to build an 800-foot-tall tower with 1 million square feet of retail, office, residential units, and public space. Its architects call the development a "city within a city."
The International Business District (IBD) in Songdo, South Korea.

South Korea is building a $40 billion city designed to eliminate the need for cars

By 2020, Songdo's International Business District will span 100 million square feet. The South Korean city aims to prioritize pedestrians over cars, but there are questions whether the district can become a thriving community.

American highways are so expensive that cities are tearing them down — here’s what they’re turning into

An increasing number of cities around the US are choosing to tear down or transform parts of their dilapidated interstates, rather than repair them, and turning them into parks, boulevards, and housing.

Utah just passed America’s first ‘free-range parenting’ law designed to let kids roam without supervision

Parents in Utah — a state with little violent crime — can soon allow their kids to walk to school or play outside alone without it being considered neglect.
A self driving Volvo vehicle, purchased by Uber, stops at an intersection in Tempe, Arizona, U.S., December 1, 2017.

The driverless Uber death reveals that autonomous cars won’t solve the biggest problem with America’s streets

This week, a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian. The vehicles put a Band-Aid on the larger urban design issue of pedestrian safety.
A man wades into Ballona Lagoon, Los Angeles, California, circa 1902.

Incredible images of Los Angeles when it was covered in wetlands

Before LA was the home of the film industry, over 8,000 acres of the city were wetlands, ranging from freshwater ponds to tidal flats.

Before-and-after Google Street View photos of ‘Amazonia’ reveal why Seattle residents are calling it ‘Amageddon’

When Amazon arrived in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood in 2008, the company forever changed the city's landscape.
Madeline E. Burgoyne, an undergraduate student from MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering, competes in the annual 2.007, a robot competition at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 11, 2017.

These Amazon HQ2 finalist cities could have an edge on the competition, according to experts

The Brookings Institution looked at where the most educated people live, which could be a tipping point factor for which city gets Amazon's new headquarters.
Sheep Meadow, New York City, circa late 19th century.

Incredible photos of New York City when sheep roamed Central Park

For 70 years, hundreds of sheep grazed on a 15-acre swath of Central Park. Take a look at the history behind Sheep Meadow.
The first wave of runners make their way across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge during the start of the New York City Marathon.

Your life expectancy can vary depending on where you live — here are the US cities where residents live the longest

New research from the Equality of Opportunity Project analyzes how a person's income and location could influence their life expectancy in the United States.