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A rendering of Quayside.

There’s a battle brewing over Google’s $1 billion high-tech neighborhood, and it could have major privacy implications for cities

After announcing its plan to collect data from citizens in public places, Sidewalk Labs has endured criticism from local residents and data experts.

Inside the eerily quiet streets of Kazakhstan’s 20-year-old capital city, where futuristic skyscrapers tower over the grasslands of a former pri...

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, is filled with futuristic skyscrapers that resemble something out of a science-fiction movie. But Astana's streets are suspiciously clean and quiet, leading some to comment on its eerie atmosphere.

A startup is printing giant photos of Earth from space, and they’re gorgeous

A group of scientists, architects, and engineers called My Orbiter is selling printed satellite photos of Earth from space that you can hang in your home.
A satellite photo of Buckeye, Arizona, a town near the planned parcel for Bill Gates' "smart city."

Bill Gates’ investment group spent $80 million to build a ‘smart city’ in the desert — and urban planners are divided

Business Insider spoke with several urban planners about Bill Gates' investment in land for a smart city in the Arizona desert.

Bill Gates just bought 25,000 acres in Arizona to build a new ‘smart city’

Through the investment firm Belmont Partners, Gates has committed $80 million to build a "smart city" that houses autonomous vehicles and high-speed internet.
Yanweizhou Park in Jinhua, eastern China.

China is building 30 ‘sponge cities’ that aim to soak up floodwater and prevent disaster

As flooding in Chinese cities like Shanghai and Xiamen grows worse, the country plans to have 80% of areas that absorb and re-use at least 70% of rainwater.

These 10 cities are the most prepared for the future

EasyPark Group's 2017 Smart Cities Index reveals which cities are excelling at things like public transit, sustainability, and Wifi.
A rendering of car-free Oxford Street in London.

A large part of London’s busiest shopping street may soon ban cars

A large part of London's Oxford Street could go car-free by 2018, under plans by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
A view of Toronto waterfront and Toronto City Airport, April 2017.

Google’s parent company may have a billion-dollar plan to build a high-tech neighborhood in Toronto

Google Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs may be close to a deal for a 12-acre Toronto waterfront development, which would be its first large-scale experiment .

11 billion-dollar mega-projects that will transform the world’s greatest cities by 2035

Cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo will likely look very different in the coming decades.