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This is China’s playbook to pit EU countries against each other

The EU is trying to hammer out a coherent policy against China, while Beijing has been actively courting relationships with individual EU countries.

Trump made shrinking the US trade deficit a major goal of his trade war, but it’s instead ballooned to $621 billion — the highest since 20...

President Donald Trump made reducing the trade deficit a key goal of his trade war, but the measure just hit its largest mark since 2008.

OECD cuts forecasts, warning that Trump’s trade war, China’s slowdown, and a fragile Europe are threatening to ‘derail’ the wo...

"The global economy is facing increasingly serious headwinds," Laurence Boone, the OECD's chief economist said in a statement.
Climbing the slippery Great Wall of China.

China stocks rally to a 9-month high after Beijing promises trade secret protection for foreign companies

Beijing promised to prop up its economy and protect foreign companies' technology secrets in a bid to cool trade tensions with the US.

Trump said his trade war would pay off. But so far, experts see little evidence of meaningful change.

There has been little evidence China has committed to the structural changes the US sought when it started the trade war.

China just slashed its target for economic growth, and it’s a sign of how much pain Trump’s trade war is causing

It's a rare admission of weakness: "Instability and uncertainty are visibly increasing and externally-generated risks are on the rise."

Trump’s trade war cost Americans $1.4 billion per month last year, according to new report

A spate of protectionist policies with major trading partners reduced real US income by $1.4 billion per month in late 2018, according to a new study.

Markets rally on report China and US near deal to slash tariffs

The Shanghai Composite Index and Japan's Nikkei jumped at least 1% each.
A composite image of President Donald Trump (left) and former Fed Chair Janet Yellen (right).

Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen says Trump doesn’t understand the Federal Reserve or economic policy

Janet Yellen, now at the Brookings Institution, told Marketplace that Trump doesn't have a basic grasp of macroeconomic policy or the Fed's goals.
US President Donald Trump stands with Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer

Trump’s trade representative publicly calls out president’s ignorance on trade deals in incident that reportedly left Trump ’embarra...

Trump and Lighthizer clashed during a press conference on Friday, with the pair disagreeing on the definition of a memorandum of understanding.