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The White House has looked for ways to limit investment in China. A former top Treasury aide says it’s ‘a terrible idea.’

White House officials were discussing plans to limit portfolio inflows into China as recently as October, according to an administration official.

Trade doubts emerge after White House adviser says ‘there is no agreement’ to roll back China tariffs

The White House sent conflicting messages on trade talks with China at the end of the week, sowing further uncertainty for businesses and investors.

The White House is sharply divided over proposal to remove some China tariffs, report says

The US did not issue any public response after China said on Thursday the two sides had agreed to remove tariffs "simultaneously."

Huawei’s billionaire CEO said Trump should meet him in China because he can afford only a paper airplane

Ren Zhengfei has given conflicting statements over whether he'd talk to President Donald Trump after Trump placed Huawei on a trade blacklist.

First part of US-China trade deal could be delayed until December, report says

Dozens of venues for the trade deal meeting are said to be under consideration by the US and China, including in Asia and Europe.

The US raked in a record $7.1 billion in tariffs in September, new data shows

While the White House often asserts that foreign exporters pay tariffs, evidence shows those costs largely fall on domestic business and consumers.

Trump’s trade war cost China $35 billion this year and raised US prices, UN says

The trade war wiped out billions of dollars in the first half of the year and significantly raised prices for households.

We just got the latest sign of a downturn in US manufacturing — the opposite of what Trump’s trade wars were supposed to accomplish

The manufacturing sector accounts for 11% of gross domestic product but is deeply intertwined with broader parts of the economy.

Trump said the first part of mini China trade deal could be signed in Iowa this month

Administration officials have emphasized that further negotiations would be needed to resolve key economic issues between the two sides.
Farm equipment provides a backdrop as U.S. President Donald Trump takes the stage to deliver remarks on agriculture Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Farm bankruptcies jump to highest level since 2011 as Trump’s tariffs bite

The unprecedented amount of aid to farmers has raised concerns about misuse of funds and drawn backlash from agricultural groups and lawmakers.